Last night on Ink Nouveau Brian and Brian announced their collaboration on a new fountain pen called the Edison Nouveau Premiere Limited Edition. It’s a fantastic looking pen made from a beautiful ebonite with a wide range of nib options.

The Edison Nouveau Premiere Limited Edition fountain pen is made from Cherry Cordial ebonite and is limited to just 100 pens. Apparently, the last time Edison and Goulet did a Limited Edition Premiere, they sold 50 pens in two weeks. So I guess that means you should order yours right away. The pen is $200 with the stock steel extra fine, fine, medium or broad nib with an optional upgrade to a fine, medium, or broad 18k gold nib for an additional $125. There’s also the option of ordering additional steel nibs for only $25. Check out Goulet Pens for more details and to order yours.

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  • Nsfw

    It’s my daily pen right now. I’m using the gold, broad nib on it, but I purchased the EF steel nib too. After listening to the GOTW interview, I can’t wait to try the steel nib. Inked with Noodler’s Heart of Darkness.