The 2012 Los Angeles International Pen Show opened to the public at 10:00am PST on Sunday, February 19th. One hour prior to the stampede, Dan and I sequestered a local photographer and convinced him to follow us around with a video camera whilst we made small talk with big names.

00:06 Los Angeles International Pen Show
00:25 Susan Wirth, the Queen of Ink
01:12 Michael Sull,
01:41 Brian Gray, Edison Pen Company
04:29 Greg Minuskin, Nib Retipping and Fountain Pen Repair
05:34 Rik Knablein of RiKwill Pen Purveyors
05:34 Rich Littlestone of Argent Blue
09:01 Ernest Shin of Hakumin Urushi Kobo
10:44 Mary Burke of Conway Stewart
16:37 Eric finds a Hemingway?
17:05 Line to Enter the Pen Show

About an hour after the show opened to the public, Dan used his cell phone to live-stream video as he walked the showroom floor. The recording of that live broadcast is below, but be warned – watching it can give you an uncontrollable urge to visit a pen show!

Walk-About Encounters:
Yafa:  Stipula / Delta / Conklin / Monteverde
Bryant Greer of Pen Time
David Oscarson
Greg Minuskin: “Fountain Pen Geeks Rule!”
Brian Gray of Edison Pen Company
Ernest Shin of Hakumin Urushi Kobo
Rich Littlestone of Argent Blue
Rik Knablein of RiKwill
Mary Burke of Conway Stewart
Kevin and Tom of Internet Pens (Danitrio)
John Mottishaw of Classic Fountain Pens (
Ariel Kullock
Susan Wirth
Carmen Rivera
Roger Cromwell of Penopoly
Fred Krinke of The Fountain Pen Shop (Celebrating 90 years in business!)
Gary Lehrer of
Pendleton Brown of Pendleton’s Pens:
Sarj Minhas:

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  • Brian Gray

    Wow! Thanks for doing this!

  • Hugh

    Eric and Dan, Brian Gray, and Greg Minuskin all together indulging the madness – WOW! Thanks for bringing this to us, guys. Really fun to watch.

    P.S. Was Ernest a bit short for words because he caught Dan pocketing all the Urushi Mina’s on display? ;-)

  • B. McDonald

    Thanks!! Really appreciate your efforts. BTW, too quick a mention was made of folks who a have a substantial vintage collection, too quick for me to catch a name. If you would, I’d appreciate a note of reference to folks in this category, along with a web link. Doesn’t have to be an exhaustive list; the top five, or ten that come to mind would do. Obviously, I’m into vintage. Thanks

  • Keith Bartlett

    Hi Dan & Eric,
    Thanks so much for the LA highlights video. As I live in England, it is one of my ambitions to attend a pen show like that one in America but I doubt if I will ever be lucky enough to do it.
    Your video was the the next best thing and to me it was just like being there, so once again, thank you so much and thanks for all your interesting articles on Twitter and You are the best.
    Kind regards, Keith.

  • Lireoec

    Fascinating and wonderful highlights from the show Eric! Is that a bucket of candy next to Rik Knablein? Hah, free candy and awesome pens wow. Not only is Greg Minuskin a master of repairs and modifications, he’s an expert salesman as well!

    Oh and it’s always good to see Brian Gray; it looked like he was having a good time and those bulb fillers with the subtle ink windows are gorgeous and cleverly designed!

    Ernest Shin is really good at explaining his work, considering tamenuri-urushi is such a complex process and exquisite art form. The ‘patina’ of the lacquer is absolutely gorgeous and you really have to be there to appreciate the intricate details, having seen lacquer-ware myself and in my opinion appreciating lacquer is very much an incredibly ‘delicate’ and detail-rich experience. I’m definitely looking forward to your review of your own Tamenuri Mina, Eric, I bet you’re excited about that as well!

    Sounds like you had a pleasant conversation with Mary Burke, everything about Conway Stewart table had decidedly wonderful British charm to it. The sterling silver pens (my favourite things about Conway Stewart) looked quite hefty indeed, but the price is probably also quite hefty… =D

    Thanks again Dan and Eric and the wonderful camera person who followed you around! Cheers. I am a bit confused by the ‘6 Californian short minutes’ comment though.

  • Kevin

    Hey Eric and Dan,
    It was great meeting you guys. Thanks for all the reports posted here! Job well done guys!

  • Director Bob

    You guys really are FPGeeks and I may not like EVERY thing you do, but the FP community is lucky to have people who are this fanatical. This is yet more great content from you! Thanks!!!

  • Fred Krinke

    Hi Guys, Great coverage of the L. A. Pen Show. Hope to see one of you very soon.

    • Eric Schneider

      Mr. Krinke!

      Thank you for stopping by our little site. I’m honored.

      It was great seeing you again at the show. I’ll call soon to arrange a visit to your shop =)


    • Dan Smith

      Sir, it was an honor and a pleasure to meet you! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit with us.

  • Sarj Minhas

    Eric and Dan, thank you very much for the video. We are leaving LA tomorrow after a short vacation. Your report captures the atmosphere of the show magnificently. It was a real pleasure meeting you guys. Your passion and enthusiasm for pens is so refreshing. Thank you for showcasing my pens and many congratulations on your website, I suspect I will be visiting often.

    • Dan Smith

      Sarj, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you and talking to you about pens! And the pens you brought to the show were stunning! I had a great time talking to you about the pens in your personal collection and would probably pass out if I ever got a chance to see those in person. I know one thing, if I ever want a vintage pen (or just any pen for that matter) that’s in perfect condition you’re the person to go to. Have a safe flight and I can’t wait for our next encounter.

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