Oh, Clairefontaine, why do you play with my heart? I love the Rhodia Webbies Notbooks and when I learned that they are now available in 15 different colors I jumped for joy! Until I found out that they’re not available in the US. It’s just not fair to dangle these in front of me just out of reach. If you’re not familiar with the Webbies they feature an Italian leatherette hardcover with an embossed Rhodia logo and contain 96 sheets of Clairefontaine 90g ivory paper. They’re available in lined or blank versions and have a ribbon book mark, an elastic closure, and an expandable pocket in the back. The 15 colors include: black, chocolate, taupe, beige, anise green, turquoise, sapphire blue, iris, violet, lilac, framboise (raspberry), poppy, tangerine, orange, and daffodil yellow.

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  • KrazyIvan

    While I am not crazy about the colors, I know my daughter will want a purple one.

  • http://fpgeeks.com Eric Schneider

    Holy Cow! I want!

    Dan, isn’t there a European pen show we need to attend soonly?

  • Tori

    I also want. Maybe we should all write a letter to Exaclair? Sometimes when we ask they tend to deliver.

  • http://www.gouletpens.com Rachel Goulet

    I’m tempted to order a couple variety packs, I think those are minimums we could meet (as opposed to 50 of each individual color). But then I’d end up with a bunch of unpopular colors and the good ones would go quickly… hmmm… I WANT! Exaclair should definitely bring these in next year if they can’t make it happen this year. Sometimes they add new products mid-year that aren’t in the catalog, you never know!

  • http://mzjohansen.blogspot.com mz johansen

    Why Euro only?! Lovely additions and definitely on my ‘want’ list!

  • http://fpgeeks.com Eric Schneider

    Keep the comments coming, folks. If there’s obvious demand, Karen at Exaclair will notice and work out a miracle =)

  • kp

    These are amazing! I want one too!

  • http://monkeyphotomcr.blogspot.com/ John the Monkey

    I think these are kept out of the US market to engender amity between FP Geeks and stationery nuts on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Through our lack of Noodlers, and your lack of Clairefontaine, trades can be arranged, so fostering and strengthening the bonds of friendship between our peoples.

  • http://en.gravatar.com/okami0731 Julie (O-kami)

    Ok – now that’s just not nice to tease us with these wonderful colors and then tell us that they aren’t available

  • Julie (Beadnit)

    I’d take any color as long as the pages are blank.

  • Bridgett

    I would definitely pick up some. These are awesome. Why can’t we get in on the fun, too!

  • http://www.gouletpens.com Rachel Goulet

    Looks like you’ve got your miracle! They should be here mid-summer…. http://rhodiadrive.com/2012/02/22/rhodiarama-rhodia/

  • Tiffany Henschel

    I want purple!!

  • Tiffany Henschel

    I want purple!! (please)

  • http://ravensmarch.wordpress.com/ Dirck in Saskatchewan

    Interestingly, there’s no downright HIDEOUS colours in the bunch. I don’t want all of them, but there’s plenty I’d like and none that cause the urge to flee. I was listening on the podcast that you’re trying to get people to comment and indicate desire– it might be wise to also apply comments on the Rhodia blog topic on the matter as well.

  • ccorrada

    where? how? when? how much? who? gotta bring them to the US!!!

  • Matthew

    Oh man… that blue! I will also take a purple, please.

  • http://365drawings.wordpress.com Estivalia Correa

    A bright pink webbie? Be still my heart! I’m not even in the US (hi from Chile!) but if they get there, chances are I’ll be able to get them online :D I love webbies, but the colors seemed so boring for me (I’m sorry, I’m a girly girl)

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