Friday started off wonderfully with a great breakfast at iHop. After some biscuits and gravy and at least a pot of coffee we were ready to see some pens. Our first stop was at Bryant of’s table to see some new Stipulas and Deltas. He was our first stop because he’s literally one of the first tables you have to pass when you enter the show. And we actually like him.

After visiting with Bryant I barely managed to sneak away with zero damage done to my wallet. I have a feeling he’ll get me tomorrow, though. We then headed over to Brain Gray’s table where we also spoke with Ernest Shin of Hakumin Urushi Kobo. If you haven’t seen this kid’s work you need to head over to his website. My pictures hardly do him justice. In addition to the Sheaffer Snorkel and Parker “51” he’s done below, he’s also working in collaboration with Brian Gray on some very cool stuff. Eric has placed an order with Ernest and I may be doing the same sometime this weekend.

LA Pen Show 2012 Friday Ernest Shin Hakumin Urushi Kobo Sheaffer Snorkel

LA Pen Show 2012 Friday Ernest Shin Hakumin Urushi Kobo Parker 51

Feeling that I hadn’t had enough urushi exposure I decided to check out Kevin Cheng‘s table. I immediately fell in love with the Danitrio Genkai in Tamenuri Urushi. This pen must have fried the majority of my brain cells because I managed to take pictures of every pen at their table except that one! But here’s a link to that specific pen. Sadly, I won’t be taking this pen home, even if it would be my only purchase.

Eric and I visited with Michael Sull, again. He’s such an incredibly nice guy. It is seriously a genuine pleasure to talk to this man. We each got our name written by him and we also purchased a copy of his book: American Cursive Handwriting. If you’re at all interested in improving your handwriting you need to buy this book. Michael invested seven years of his life to write an exhaustive book about cursive handwriting. It’s only $35 and well worth the price. Pictured below is also the leather bound version which is limited to only 250 copies at $150 each.

We also saw some pretty sweet knives, some good looking rod stock, and a few Montegrappa Chaos pens.

We finished off the night with dinner at Cozymels mexican restaurant with Ernest Shin, Brain Gray and his lovely wife, Andrea. It was great way to end a fantastic day.

We would like to take this time to announce that we will be live streaming the FPGeeks Podcast from the 2012 LA Pen Show on Sunday at 9am PST. We will be streaming it on UStream and you can find our channel here. We’ll be recapping what we’ve seen at the show and probably even stream a quick walk through the show floor. This is the first time we’ll be attempting to do a live stream so please bear with us through any bugs that may arrise. If you can’t make the live show, fret not, because we’ll have it recorded so you can replay it at your leisure.

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  • Lireoec

    Aww I would love to get a copy of American Cursive Handwriting. The leather bound version looks very stylish. I gotta say, Danitrio urushi pieces have a very traditional feel to them, there’s a certain je ne sais quoi to Nakaya and Danitrio pens. I am a huge fan of traditional Japanese aesthetics. Mexican food for dinner with Brian Gray and Ernest Shin?! Wow, I can’t even fathom how awesome that’d be.

  • Hugh

    That’s a fantastic report and recap of the day! Great photos and a phenomenal production effort brings it to us right away. Reading it (three times so far) makes me feel like I am there with you. Now let’s loosen-up those wallets and score some FPGeeky goodies from Brian Gray and Greg Minuskin that you can use practicing with Michael’s book!

    Thanks FPGeeks!

  • subbes

    So, how many freebies are you bringing back for your devoted fans?

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