Fountain Pen Geeks Geek of the Week Nathan Tardif

Nathan Tardif, CEO of Noodler’s Ink and the man determined to make our fountain pen hobby both affordable and enduring, spends a bit of Valentine’s Day with Fountain Pen Geeks.


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  • subbes

    Oh man. I know even before clicking “play” this this will be a good one. TWO WHOLE HOURS OF NATHAN TARDIF BEING NATHAN TARDIF.

  • subbes

    Incidentally, the “play in a new window” link opens up a popup window containing only PHP complaining about a fatal error. WordPress obviously knows when you are at a pen show and acts up in your absence.

  • Lireoec

    Wow Nathan Tardif?! Seriously, my day can’t get any better than this! Just being able to listen to this is an honour. This man is a legend, thank you! I’ll comment again once I’ve listened to this amazing interview.

  • John the Monkey

    I’ll add to the chorus of “can’t wait”s. I love the way Nathan seems to have looked at the objections to using FPs and inks, and set about removing them. Ink washes away? Sorted! Expensive pens? Sorted! Think you can’t try flex without going vintage? Sorted! and so on…

  • Maja

    OMG—I just suggested Nathan as the “Geek of the Week” in an email I sent to Eric on 2/15—two days before this interview was posted. This obviously means that I have some of ESP/weird luck, so I will promptly go out and buy a lottery ticket :D
    Looking forward to listening to the interview—I’ve enjoyed Mr. Tardif’s YouTube videos!

  • Lee Smallwood

    I worried that Nathan would never have enough time to do a GotW, but he was by far the number one guy I wanted to hear on this segment. I can’t wait to find a couple hours to spend on this.

  • Will

    GREAT Interview! This guy is right along with my views on the fountain pen. I wish there was a way to e-mail him personally about my project pen idea… could someone tell my how to contact him?

  • Will

    He even mentioned HIGH SCHOOLERS! Now I know that I CANNOT let project pen go!

  • John the Monkey

    Great interview – thanks FP Geeks, and thanks Mr Tardif for sparing the time for this.

  • Lireoec

    Nathan Tardif is easily the most humble name in the pen and ink world. Thank you Eric, for another fascinating interview and it was certainly one of the most interesting history, language and fountain pen (it was essentially much more than what I have listed) lessons I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.

    You’re right, his vocabulary definitely allows him to be very succinct and detail with his explanations, which is why his stories are so insightful and enriching. I love his egalitarian and utilitarian approach to convince the world that the fountain pen can be an affordable and viable option for sustainable and economically beneficial writing implement. My views of the fountain pen market complete echoes this and I applaud him for his persistence and dedication to his art.

    His persistence and attitude towards his production has earned him well deserved popularity as it’s quite evident as Noodler’s Ink is easily the most affordable and has the best value if not the most popular as well.

    Thanks again Eric for bringing us this wonderful and insightful interview and I am sure all of us took something away from this and learnt something new. That’s one of the many amazing qualities of Nathan. This show means a lot to me since it has not only taught me many things but also provided me many hours of entertainment (for free I might add) and adding to this, introduced me and many of us to many things we might not have known before about these masters of the pen world! Cheers!

  • David

    Hi Eric..

    once again I’d like to complement you upon the show & another superb interview!!

    I managed to get a wonderfull scoop on a Black Yard-o-Led Esprit today at half price! and I’m now scribing very happily!!! it’s a lovely pen & I’m more than happy to take a couple of scratches on the sterling silver grip section for the sake of saving £200 ($316)!!!

    anyhow keep up the great work…and sorry t diverge off subject

  • Rachel Goulet

    Fabulous interview! Nathan is always a delight. :)

  • Jeff

    Delightful interview! And I’ve got to say, I love that Nathan interprets Conrad’s Heart of Darkness as a story about the virtues of the free market. Couldn’t help but laugh. I certainly admire his steadfastness.

  • Daniel

    Wow, Nathan Tardiff! Fantastic interview. I could listen to him for hours and hours. This one flew by!

  • Chris Meisenzahl (@speedmaster)

    Listening right now and loving it. And THRILLED to hear Nathan refer to the Candlemakers’ Petition re: Bastian! ;-)

  • rav

    Loved the podcast. Did I hear right or was it wishful thinking, that Mr. Tardiff said that a Konrad type fountain pen would be out very soon? Or was that the Ahab black?

  • Sharon Abar

    Am enjoying the Nathan interview. I think it’s great that he’s dedicated to making fountain pens affordable and getting them into the hands of the masses. Especially young people. I met three high school girls at the LA Pen Show. We were at the Saturday seminar entitled “Affordable Fountain Pens.” It covered fountain pens under $200! I could see their jaws hit the floor. Even a Safari at $30 is a lot of money when you’re in high school. I showed them some of my truly affordable pens (I had a couple of Pilot 78g’s, a Pelikano Junior and one of Nathan’s flex pens) and suggested some others. The next day I saw them on the show floor and gave them some disposable fountain pens that I wasn’t using. Meeting them was one of the highlights of the show for me. It’s a lot of fun to help get someone just getting started.

  • ethernautrix

    Listening to this podcast now (about halfway through) — very much enjoying the interview with Nathan Tardiff.

    I don’t use Noodler’s inks exclusively, but it’s close, and now I feel even better about using them, as I admire Nathan’s entrepreneurial spirit and patriotism. I feel somewhat subversive that I use a syringe to fill cartridges with Noodler’s inks (laughs).

    (In my defense, one of my pens is cartridge-only. As for the other c/c pens, the cartridge has a little ball in them that keeps the ink flowing consistently.)

  • waldir

    Btw the “overseas” sales are low because there’s no one reselling the Noodler’s products in europe (and no one is promoting them as the Noodler’s products cant be bought except from the USA eshops). I’ve been asking in our pen shops why no one resells them here. Always the answer was “Americans are idiots. They are incapable of agreeing with us on acceptable terms. They require us ordering ridiculous number of bottles… etc.”, but it is definitely not true that there is no demand for Noodlers in Europe (it probably is not high, as not many people know here that Nooder’l even exist, but you cant get well known somewhere where you dont sell at all).

    Ordering the Noodlers ink from USA for personal purposes (== ~1 bottle of ink at a time) means paying ridiculous shipping prices: 12,5$ one bottle of ink + 17$ shipping + 22% tax (here we pay taxes even from the shipping -> ~7$ ) + 5$ tax related handling fee) = 41,5$ per one bottle.