Sailor Lecoule beginner fountain penSailor Pen has introduced a great looking new fountain pen called the Lecoule. It’s designed for students and people who have never used a fountain pen before. The Sailor Lecoule is offered in five translucent cap colors with a pearly white barrel. They come in a clear plastic presentation gift box with ink cartridges, but no converter. If you prefer to use bottled ink, a standard Sailor ink converter will fit and will need to be purchased separately. The Sailor Lecoule should be a comfortable pen with a length of 123mm, diameter of 17mm, and weighing in at 12.4 grams. It also features a stainless steel nib available in one size: Medium-Fine. The Sailor Lecoule is already available in Japan and is scheduled for international delivery in April/May 2012 at retail price of approximately $40.

Sailor Lecoule beginner fountain pen colors

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  • Pinkys.Brain

    Yeah, the price is a bit high for the West.
    I am not expert, but it might be understandable when looking at the Japanese market: The Lamy Safari costs 3,999 Yen MSRP (I think the street price is about 3,200 Yen). So the MSRP of the Lecoule is a good bit lower than the MSPR of the Lamy. Converting the Japanse Price of the Lecoule (3,150 Yen) into dollars you arrive at about 37$. I don’t now of any penmaker that offers their pens at a lesser price point than in the land of origin.

    And they switched to a different material for this pen. While their other school pens use ABS (like the Safari), the Lecoule uses PMMA (=acrylic glass?). I don’t exactly know the differences between the two plastics, but that might also be a reason for the higher price.

    Sailor has a hole in the portfolio in the 1,500-3,000Yen range. That pen would have been a nice one to fill the gap.

    And it is interesting how they set their target audience: in Japan they especially address ballpoint pen users. So the Lecoule has a very stiff nib, so ballpoint user feel at home…

    • Dan Smith

      PMMA is most widely known as Plexiglas. It’s biggest advantage over ABS is that it’s clear. It’s also cheap, so that shouldn’t really be a factor in the price. ABS has much better properties, especially in regards to impact where PMMA can shatter to due it’s brittleness.

      • Pinkys.Brain

        Isn’t the Lamy Vista made from ABS? So transparency for the cap cannot be the reason why they switched to PMMA.

    • Georges

      High quality PMMA (Plexiglass) can be almost unbreakable and ideal for an everyday, no nonsense fountain pen. This is the stuff airplanes windows are made of.

      Sailor has potential a very good contender to the Lamy Safari, the Prera and even the TWSBI 540. If it’s sold outside Japan (JetPen?, Goulet?), I will surely buy one or two.

  • Maja

    I haven’t seen the Lecoule in person, but for a similar price, the Pilot Prera looks much more attractive, IMO. Still, the Sailor nibs I’ve tried (even on $2 pens like the Sailor Ink-Pen which was available at Daiso) were super. I guess the Lecoule just looks a bit ‘cheap’ to me in a way that the Lamy Safari doesn’t. The proof will be in the pudding, though, once someone on FPGeeks does a “road test” on it…. (hint hint!)

    • Maja

      Well, whaddaya know?? It’s almost exactly the same size (capped and posted) as the Pilot Prera! Photos here:

    • Lee Smallwood

      It’s funny you draw the comparisons you do because I think it looks a lot nicer than the Prera (a pen I have never warmed up to). I guess that’s very much a to each his own.

      If the street price in the US is closer to that of a Safari than an al-Star, I’ll check it out. If it is higher than that, I’m not sure what will happen.

      • Maja

        Hi Lee, yes—“chacun à son goût”, as they say in France ;)
        Perhaps my bias towards the Prera is that I own one and love the way it looks and writes…and also because I am not a fan of demonstrator pens or pens with clear barrels or caps.
        I’d love to see the Lecoule in person!

    • Cza

      On the other hand, I own a Prera and often find that my recently purchased Sailor Candies (old models, of course) outperform it. Don’t get me wrong, I am very fond of my Prera, but in many ways Sailor is capable of filling in where Pilot misses out. Both brands are quite expensive for what they offer, and for their price I’d take a Sheaffer fine over them anytime, but that Japanese cutesy factor is just about enough to win a stationery-obsessed girl over.

  • ExcaliburZ

    Yeah, I’m sorry a student-introductory pen should be in the 10-30 dollar range. The FP world will be in trouble if Noodler’s can expand.