Pictures of Lamy’s new bright green Safari caused iPad-esque excitement in the blogosphere over a month ago, but has Lamy delivered? Nope.

Noodler’s, on the other hand, without prelude, fanfare or official announcement, gives us what we want even before we know we want it; a Granny Smith Green Ahab Flex Fountain Pen.

Noodler's Granny Smith Green Ahab Flex Fountain Pen

I’ve ordered mine. Pick one at your favorite retailer.

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  • Marcus Richter

    Okay, the noodler looks old fashioned. Lamy, however, looks slick. So I rather wait for a good looking Lamy. Sorry.

    • Tori

      That’s why it’s called Granny Smith.

  • Mac Laslak

    Actually, you’ve piqued my interest for a green metallic Ahab. Just as you have for a Goulet section of FPs at my local Staples. And i want a TWSBI with a Happy Meal too.

    Man..this isn’t even April Fools. It’s April Wishes Day…LOL!!!


  • Nick

    I think a little part of me died when I realized what was going on…

    I really want that pen now. Someday, perhaps the elusive granny smith Ahab will land. Until then, there is a little Ahab sized void in my life.


  • John the Monkey

    Not so keen on that colour, but British Racing Green? Now that’d be a good move.

  • Jolanda

    April fools!