4 drawer pen and ink caseMy biggest problem with owning so my pens, and inks, is that I don’t really have a good way to store or display them (lets not get into the damage they do to my wallet). My pens mostly rest in zippered cases while my inks sit along a shelf on the wall. I think this pen and ink case made by Geoff at Pencase.co.uk is the answer.

He’s made a 5 drawer case similar to this that only holds pens and is now offering this 4 drawer case. Options are always a good thing to have. So, whether you want to store a lot of pens or a combination of pens and ink, Geoff has you covered.

This 4 drawer case is a limited edition for now, and features a shallow accessory drawer at the top that measures 20mm deep. Two pen drawers below that each to hold 10 pens, and a drawer at the bottom (97mm deep) for ink that will easily hold 15 bottles of Noodlers 3 deep by 5 across.

Two external colours are offered – brown or black, and 13 internal felt colours are offered.

The external dimensions are the same as the 5 drawer case and measure 250mm wide x 185mm deep x 280mm high.

The cases are made and shipped from England so shipping may be prohibitive for those of us in the US. Both the 4 drawer and 5 drawer cases sell for £75. Check out Pencase.co.uk for more information and to order yours.


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  • KrazyIvan

    I saw these on FPN and they are just awesome.

  • http://peninkcillin.blogspot.com/ Peninkcillin

    I’m surprised. The price is not bad at all. I was expecting a lot more. Was already prepared to roll my eyes before I read the whole piece.

    • http://fpgeeks.com/ Dan Smith

      We like to throw in a surprise every now and then. ;-)

  • http://theinkednib.com Lee Smallwood

    I’d like to buy a couple of these if the shipping would significantly be reduced that way. I might have to make an inquiry and start saving up.

    • http://fpgeeks.com Eric Schneider

      Hi Lee!

      I doubt Geoff is using the shipping cost as a profit center. I’m sure that if there’s a discount for shipping two, he’d happily pass that along to you.

      Inquire and let us know, yeah?

      Do you have over 50 pens? :-o

      By the way, you’re Micarta giveaway entry arrived today. =)

  • peterpen53

    Thank you, gentlemen. This is exactly what I need at a fair price!

  • http://en.gravatar.com/okami0731 Julie (O-kami)

    I have two of these, an 8 drawer and a 2 drawer. Love, love, love them!!

    Pen Cabinet Extraordinaire

    • http://en.gravatar.com/okami0731 Julie (O-kami)

      Oh and the shipping was actually reasonable – best idea though is to get a few people together and order multiple cases.

  • OcalaFlguy

    I am pretty sure that having a *custom made* pen case gets you automatic awarding of the FP Collector merit badge and secret decoder ring.

    The usual prerequisites are; a) 3 pens exactly alike b) glass lided display case 3) a pen too valuable to ink and use, but I believe you bypass all of those with a custom made display case!


  • Patrick Clifford

    Now that is a great product at a great price and even at the shipping price to the US is very reasonable – so much so I just order one! Keep up the great work – I love you site and the podcasts/radio.

    Well done guys

    Patrick C