What you need to know: A vintage style 360 made from titanium with a diamond-like carbon coating. Rose gold plated hardware with an 18k nib available in EF, F, M, and B widths. Comes as a piston filler and is limited to 60 fountain pens and 12 rollerballs. MSRP on the fountain pen is $1995, MSRP on the RB is $1750. Available now from PenTime.
Omas 360 Vintage DLC – Diamond Like Carbon Limited Edition Fountain Pen cappedThis new Limited Edition reinterprets the codes of style of 360 Collection, the true emblem of Omas design and innovation realized in 1996 and confirms itself as a very avant-garde writing instrument with its triangular shape based on ergonomic principles combining a perfect grip and a nib angle, which makes this pen a unique one.

Today the 360 Titanium Collection lives again in the precious 360 Vintage DLC Limited Edition, enriched by the Diamond Like Carbon treatment.

Omas launched in the 2000, after two years of design and engineering, the first pen realized in T2 titanium, an extremely pure Titanium containing 2% oxygen and hydrogen.

The soft velvet feel of Titanium and its intense grey appearance are the most striking features of Omas Titanium and represented a true innovation in the world of fountain pens.

With Titanium models, Omas has orchestrated the meeting of high-tech and pure tradition.

Omas 360 Vintage DLC – Diamond Like Carbon Limited Edition Fountain Pen

This year Omas enriches even more the luxury titanium collection through the particular DLC (diamond-like carbon) treatment, realizing a new elegant, sophisticated very limited edition.

DLC treatment is a PVD coating process using diamond like carbons. This durable and friction-reducing coating with an anthracite-coloured appearance essentially comprises diamonds measuring just a few nanometres across, coated in graphite. This structure is commonly referred to as Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC).

Thanks to its diamond-like layered structure, DLC layers possess exceptionally hard surface properties. They are substantially harder and more durable than ultra-hardened grades of steel, very resistant to scratches and are exceptionally corrosion-resistant, as well as being skin-friendly.

Thanks to this particular treatment, nowadays very used in the world of watchmaking, the 360 Vintage DLC Limited Edition can show a very luxury and sophisticated surface even more stands out with its rose gold trim.

An exclusive engraving is present on the 18 KT gold nib, where a special texture is focused on a series of triangles, the symbol of the shape of this unique Limited Edition.

Numbered and Limited Edition of only 72 pieces: 60 piston filled fountain pens and 12 roller balls. Available sets on demand.

MSRP on the Fountain Pen is $1995, MSRP on the RB is $1750.

360 VINTAGE DLC – Diamond Like Carbon
Numbered and Limited Edition of 60 piston filled Fountain Pens and 12 Roller Balls
Available also the Set composed by Fountain Pen and Roller Ball, only on demand
Shape: Triangular
Material: Titanium
Trim: 5N Rose Gold plated
Engravings: Greek fret on the ring, Omas Italy and numbering on the cap
Length: 150mm
Max Diameter: ø 17mm
Fountain Pen: 18K Gold nib with engraving dedicated to the collection
Available sizes: EF – F – M – B
Ink: black
Feeder in Ebonite ø 5,50 with 1 capillary
Ink capacity: 1.20 ml
Refill Roller Ball: CL81260
Institutional Paragon box personalized with dedicated cover box and leaflet
Omas International Warranty

Omas 360 Vintage DLC – Diamond Like Carbon Limited Edition Fountain Pen packaging

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  • http://fpgeeks.com Eric Schneider

    Lucky for me they didn’t use platinum trim, else I’d be required to buy two, right? One for each hand?

  • Minislot

    ‘Honey, I prismed the (Visconti) Homo Sapeiens!’

  • peterpen53

    Allow me to re-use the comment I posted on FPN (they didn’t have pricing info yet):
    “Nice to see they styled it after the original 360. To me, however, the rose-gold furniture makes this pen look very somber. Having been to the sunny and vivid city of Bologna, that image does not fit Omas at all. Perhaps a highly-polished silver or platinum furniture would make it look much better.
    And why would you bother with 12 rollerballs on a series this limited? This causes me great concern about its price (and if not that, then about Omas’ controller).”

    On second thought, the somber impression this pen makes on me may have been caused by the dark background of the pictures, that does not really help to highlight a grey-ish pen. And Eric and I seem to agree on the trim.
    But I note the controller has his act together. That justifies my concerns about its pricing.
    No way, man! Not for me!

  • KrazyIvan

    This is probably one of the very few upper echelon pens that has me smitten and could easily become my grail pen, if I ever have a grail pen.

  • Youstruckgold

    I have the last two of these LEs; and I love the black/grey. In other editions the rose gold is just beautiful and classic; but in this one, silver – or titanium – would so much better fit the look (lucky for me as I can’t really fork this money out as quick as they keep producing them!!!)

  • Paul

    My interpretation of the title at first glance: Omas 360 Vintage Downloadable Content. Looks like I need to get more of a life outside gaming :)

    • http://fpgeeks.com/ Dan Smith

      I actually thought the exact same thing when I first saw it at PenTime. I was like, “What could I possibly be downloading here?”

  • mikmcneil

    I have several parker fountain pens a maroon colored “51” special edition a blue diamond vacuumatic and an old fountain pen marked diamond on the round clip has flat cap color black with gold rings 14kt nib and nice marble pen holder felt bottom any idea of the value of these items picked up in yrd sale all great working cond plz respond to me I’m Michael.mikmcneil1975@gmail.com