Would you like to own a brand new TWSBI Vac 700 but you’re a little strapped for cash? Or you already spent your pen budget this month? Or maybe you’d like a Vac 700 but you just don’t want to pay for it? Well, TWSBI is giving you just that opportunity!
TWSBI is holding a fountain pen drawing contest with the prize being a Vac 700 and a bottle of Edelstein ink. The contest is now underway and you can submit your drawing by email to twsbiinc@gmail.com until the deadline of June 4th. So you’ve got plenty of time to work on something creative and submit it.
TWSBI employees will vote for the top 5 pictures by June 4th. The top 5 pictures will then be posted on Facebook for everyone to vote for the winner. Pictures will be selected on creativity. Have fun!
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  • http://tatuking.tumblr.com Dennis Lim

    Do we need to be have used a TWSBI on the drawing? Does the drawing have to have been drawn using TWSBIs exclusively?

    • http://fpgeeks.com/ Dan Smith

      I think you’re supposed to use a TWSBI to draw your picture, but I don’t think they’ll know if you don’t tell them.

      • http://theinkednib.com Lee Smallwood

        Right. Unlike the Noodler’s contest where if there were no signs of flex anywhere you might be busted, I can imagine no way for TWSBI to ascertain that the drawing happened with a Pilot or a Pelikan.

        • http://tatuking.tumblr.com Dennis Lim

          Just wanted to know. Anyways, I already sent my entry. Drawing with a 1.1 is really hard!

  • http://monkeyphotomcr.blogspot.com/ John the Monkey

    Hm, my 530 has a medium attached now, and I’ve an EF nib in the drawer. Will have to have a think…