Onoto Burlington fountain penOnoto Burlington fountain penCommissioned by the owners of Burlington Arcade, this elegant and stylish pen has been issued in a worldwide limited edition of just 75.

The cap of The Burlington is milled from Sterling Silver with a stylish ‘Night & Day’ pattern popular in the 1920s. It’s a push-fit cap, similar to the Onoto Overlay No 1 pen by Henry Simpole. There is also a silver ring around the top of the barrel which bears large hallmarks including The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee mark only available during 2012.

Unlike most Onoto fountain pens that use a large #7 nib, the Burlington uses an Onoto #3, 18 carat gold nib available in fine, medium, and broad widths in addition to custom ground stub, italics, and obliques.

The Onoto Burlington is a svelt pen, coming in at 146mm long with a barrel diameter of 12.5mm and only weighing 33 grams. Filling is done via the simple cartridge / converter system. You can have one of the 75 Burlingtons for only $937.50. Please visit Onoto’s website for more information, images, and to order yours.

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  • Melissa59

    I like the art deco cap and the Queen’s Diamond is kind of cool. Not sure I like the other end. And I’m really unsure how the pens design is supposed to fit with the Burlington Arcade.

  • Scribble Monboddo

    Well, I HAVE visited the shopping arcade this is named after. The old place looks very classy, with a style which has lasted a century. It’s full of shops selling shiny things at eye-watering prices, none of which I’ve ever seen anyone buy and all of which scream ‘more money than sense’ through the shop window. So, this fits right in. I’m sure it’s lovely, but I bet you’ll never see anyone actually writing with one!