vACME Studios’ introduces for the first time this really badass limited-edition Dracula pen, which commemorates 100 years since author Bram Stoker’s death. Sold as a limited edition run of 999 fountain pens, the set includes an interchangeable roller ball option. The pen lays within a coffin that, when opened, plays Bach’s “Fugue in ‘D’ Minor”. The entire set is encased in a Dracula book which also includes a bottle of blood red ink and a red refill.

“We were so thrilled and honored to translate Bram Stoker’s classic tale into a limited-edition pen for our collection,” said Adrian Olabuenaga, co-founder of ACME Studio. “Each little detail was so exciting to craft, from the blood-red ink color to the haunting music that plays when the coffin is opened.”

The set will retail for $500.00 and will be available from mid-August through ACME Studio retailers.

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  • Brian Anderson

    I think the clip would have been better if it was one looong fang. Otherwise, pretty cool! not sure about the price though

  • Maja

    Now *that’s* a pen I can sink my teeth into!

  • Pat Richards

    Seen this pen at the NY Gift Show and the whole packaging is amazing! A for sure buy and well worth the price trust me. ACME Pens really knows their stuff!