The new Pilot Metropolitan Collection features a sleek, stylish matte finish over a brass barrel in black, silver, and gold with chrome accents. Offered as a fountain pen, roller ball or ballpoint in two design variations for each color. The fountain pen is equipped with a fine or medium stainless steel nib ensuring long-lasting performance and fills via cartridge/converter (press-plate/squeeze type converter). The Pilot Metropolitan Collection is expected to launch next month at some very reasonable prices. Once available, you’ll be able to use the coupon code ‘HOLIDAYMR’ to receive $3.00 off and free shipping.

I’m actually really looking forward to the release of this pen to see how it compares in the Economy Class against such pens as the Sheaffer VFM and the Platinum Plaisir. I think the affordable price and stylish design of the Metropolitan will make it a great choice for introducing someone to fountain pens. While it’s limited in colors when compared to the VFM, it does have the advantage of being able to use a converter and not limited to just a cartridge. It’s also cheaper and a whole lot more attractive than the Plaisir. Let the shootout begin!

Pilot Metropolitan Collection fountain pen Zig zag blackPilot Metropolitan Collection fountain pen dots blackMR_FP_BLK_PLN_CAPOFFPilot Metropolitan Collection fountain pen zig zag silverPilot Metropolitan Collection fountain pen dots silverMR_FP_SLV_PLN_CAPOFFPilot Metropolitan Collection fountain pen zig zag goldPilot Metropolitan Collection fountain pen dots goldMR_FP_GLD_PLN_CAPOFF

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  • etoyocrebmos

    any idea how large these are? Something about the profile makes me think of the petit1.

    • Dan Smith

      I don’t have measurements but I’m sure these are full size pens, or at least not mini.

  • writingrav

    At what retailer is this coupon code valid?

    • Dan Smith

      The flier says the discount code will only be valid at

      • writingrav


  • ethernautrix

    I like the black Zig Zag. If these write as well as other inexpensive Pilot fps (and why wouldn’t they?), what a deal!

  • Jon Szanto

    Those are very handsome pens for such a reasonable price. I’ll definitely take one out for a spin to see if I can convert some people to fp use!

  • Michel de Montreal


  • Bruno Taut

    I am looking forward to seeing the nibs. I think there are two basic options: the basic (and good performing) nib of the Petit-1 and nominally disposable Vpen, and the more advanced steel nib of the Vortex.
    This would set the category of the pen according to Pilot. Given the price, it should be the second, but the inflation-across-borders is always a tricky factor.



  • David

    “I’m actually really looking forward to the release of this pen to see how it compares in the Economy Class against such pens as the Sheaffer VFM and the Platinum Plaisir.”

    You didn’t mention the Pilot 78G, which is a strong contender, especially with the nice B stubbish nib. The 78G can be had easily for under $10 including shipping, no need to pay $20 and up as you see on some Web sites.

    I’ve had problems with the squeeze bar converter that comes with the 78G, it inhibits good ink flow. One may presume the same converter will come with this pen. The solution is to chuck the converter and syringe fill the proprietary Pilot cartridges.

    It should be noted that I’ve been using the very colorful ink cartridges for the Pilot Parallel calligraphy pen in my 78G’s for quite some time now. They’re really nice! This even though on the package Pilot warns not to use the parallel pen cartridges in any other pen. I’ve never experienced an issue using them in the 78G’s. Let’s hope it’s the same with these new pens.

    Pilot issuing both a fountain pen and a matching rollerball or ballpoint is thoughtful. I also like the fact that the rollerball or ballpoint are the same size as a the fountain pen. But this fact doesn’t bode well for the size of the fountain pen, which might end up a bit on the small side.


    I wish there was a link provided to the page on the pilot USA site showing this pen. I can’t find it. Also, Pilot USA offers free shipping on all orders over $4.99 USD. One presumes this is CONUS shipping only.

    Thanks for the heads-up on this one… David

    • Dan Smith

      I wish there was a link provided to the page on the pilot USA site showing this pen. I can’t find it.

      That’s because there isn’t one. Pilot hasn’t got the link up yet. They sent me this information well ahead of when the pen will actually launch. As soon as we know more, we’ll let you know as well.
      Also, thanks the for the tip on the 78G. Totally forgot about that.

    • Breck Breckenridge

      The Pilot 78G is no longer being made so falls not in the same category as the VFM or Metro.

  • Mike

    Wow! These are terrific! I considered getting a pilot knight, but the price was a bit high. With these on sale for $15.75, ill be sure to pick up two! (but maybe attempt to swap out the converter) Maybe this is a response to Chinese pens driving down the cost? You guys will do a review as soon as possible right?

  • Pinkys.Brain

    Nice for the price, but the transition from grip section to barrel is a bit harsh.

  • Maja

    Wow, that’s a lot of fountain pen for < $19—-I'm there!! :o)

  • Breck Breckenridge

    Where would one use this Holiday gift guide “coupon” for $3 off? It would seem to require a certain business to use it…

  • MrsGouletPens

    Beautiful, looking forward to it!
    Dan, can you please confirm your source? I contacted my sales rep at Pilot USA today about this pen, and they told me that the fountain pen will retail for $28 and will be offered in medium nib only. It is scheduled to launch in mid-November of this year. I honestly don’t mean to accuse you as everything looks official to me, but it just seems odd to be so conflicting in information! I’m just puzzled, that’s all.

    • Dan Smith

      All I can say is it came from Pilot. Maybe they changed the price. Or maybe they’re just screwing with me. Very puzzling, indeed.

      • MrsGouletPens

        Pilot Japan or Pilot USA? So odd!!

  • Breck

    Would this Metro be the replacement econo-pen for their now discontinued 78G?

    • Dan Smith

      I don’t think that’s the official stance from Pilot, but I guess you could look at it that way.

      • Breck

        Actually now I think on it some more, not really a replacement b/c this pen is metal and the Pilot 78G was unabashedly plastic.

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  • thebitterfig

    Going to have to pick one of these up – I’m thinking Silver – then see if I can hack in a Plumix italic nib. If that works, damn, that’d be a nice basic pen.

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  • Paula in Austria


    Can you recommend a website where I can buy the fountain pen online? It is not available neither in Austria nor in Germany.

    Thank you!