Argent Blue Limited Edition Slipstream fountain penThe Argent Blue limited edition Slipstream is a sterling silver design exploiting guilloché design ideas that depart from the traditional. A unique changing wave pattern reminiscent of peaceful wave action in wind or water is engraved on the cap and barrel. The ends of the cap and barrel are highlighted by mother-of-pearl inlays and the solid sterling silver clip is also engraved for exceptional style. All the engraving is done “the old-fashioned way” with the same manual techniques that Fabergé employed on his famous eggs.

The Slipstream will be available with an 18 carat two-tone gold nib with two italic style options and the pen will be presented in a richly finished macacauba wood box. Please visit for more information, images, and to contact Rich directly.

A fundamental characteristic of Rich’s pens is the elaborate and striking guilloché engravings on the barrel and clip. He pursues this almost lost art by employing the same techniques that Fabergé used in engraving his famous eggs. The YouTube channel “Argent Blue” hosts some fascinating videos of the meticulous and time-consuming process he undertakes in crafting each and every one of the sterling silver barrels in his pens. There are only a few people in the world that still pursue and execute these old techniques to any real consequence and in many instances today the effect is done with automated CNC machines and rolling and pressing with dies for mass production. However, there are a few manufacturers that still hold to the old methods, Conway Stewart, Onoto, and just a few others. One thing that Rich has done is to go beyond the traditional patterns and conjure up designs “out of the box.”  Many of his patterns have at least one aspect that is rarely, if ever, seen in the collection of guilloché objets d’art. Rich likes to be different.

Editor’s Thoughts
The Ohio Pen Show was the second time I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Rich and get first-hand experience with his creations. They’re nothing short of marvelous. The guilloché is mesmerizing and when you finally do get past that part of the pen and think you can move on to something else, the mother of pearl inlays will suck you right back in. Being made from solid sterling silver, the pens are heavy, but satisfying. It felt completely comfortable while holding the pen with the cap removed. The thing that stuck with me most about this is pen is how much everything I saw after it paled in comparison.

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  • Mike Kennedy on Facebook

    These are quite awesome.

  • marie

    What a beautiful pen

  • Marie Anakie on Facebook

    really lovely pen

  • Tamara Fox on Facebook

    Gorgeous <3 <3 <3

  • Tamara

    I have long thought the Argent Blue pens were stunning and was thrilled to meet Rich and learn that he’s based right here in Colorado. He surely deserves much more attention for his work :)