Levenger Silver Anniv True Writer fountain pen

Brand Levenger
Model True Writer Silver Anniversary
Nib Material Steel
Nib Sizes F,M,B
Filling System Cartridge / Converter
Dimensions Capped Length: 138mm / 5.44″
Posted Length: 153mm / 6″
Uncapped Length: 124mm / 4.9″
Barrel Ø: 12.8mm / 0.5″
Section Ø: 10-11.5mm / .4-.45″
Weight 36g
Notes x
Price $99
Availability Now

Levenger has put their name on a lot of pens over the years, but the True Writer is the only that’s stuck around through the ages. It has come in a wide variety of colors, materials, and prices. From bright blue and pink lacquers to solid and marbled resins, there’s bound to be a True Writer for everyone. It’s been so successful that it’s become Levenger’s trade mark pen and was selected to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

The Silver Anniversary True Writer is crafted in solid brass with a gunmetal finish, etched with an elegant undulating pattern and is by far my favorite look of all the True Writers. The gunmetal finish is very reminiscent of ruthenium plating in that it’s a dark gray/black chrome color and when combined with the undulating pattern gives the pen a kind of sinister look.

As far as I know, this Silver Anniversary Edition is the only True Writer with a metal cap and barrel [Since this review was published I’ve discovered that Levenger has produced a metal True Writer a few years ago called the Metalist that was available in several finishes]. While there are a few with a metal section, I’m glad Levenger didn’t put one on this pen. The black plastic section provides a nice contrast between the nib and barrel and doesn’t make the pen feel so cold and lifeless like so many metal sections do. Because of its brass construction, this pen feels considerably heavier, but not overly so, than previous True Writers I’ve used and adds a feeling of quality that I just didn’t get with the lighter, resin based pens.

Levenger Silver Anniv True Writer fountain pen uncappedThe styling is 100% True Writer. Nothing has changed in that regard. The clip, love it or hate it, is chrome plated and functions well. The matching chrome plated cap band is simple and attractive, only displaying “LEVENGER” centered below the clip. Finishing off the styling quite nicely is a chrome plated button on the end of the barrel.

The cap posts securely and somehow remains well balanced despite its metal cap. Oddly, I actually preferred to use this pen unposted. The biggest problem I experienced while using this pen is the slickness of the barrel. I was hoping the plastic section would help out but since the majority of my grip fell on the barrel there’s not much the section could do. Unless my hands were perfectly clean, as in freshly washed and dried, I had a hard time keeping a good grip on the pen. For some people this isn’t an issue, they could write with a greased rod if they had to, but for others, myself included, material selection is just as important as writing quality.

Levenger Silver Anniv True Writer fountain pen nibThankfully, the writing quality of the Silver Anniversary True Writer is excellent. I chose a fine nib as that’s the width I prefer for daily writing. Fine nibs also have a tendency to more readily expose imperfections in a nib, none of which could be found in this pen. The #5 sized stainless steel nib felt smooth on all the paper samples I used it on: copy paper, Rhodia, and Tomoe River. Ink flow was superb, spot on in the middle of the range and consistent.

Levenger Silver Anniv True Writer fountain penIf you think about it, “true writer” is a pretty powerful name for a fountain pen. It evokes an image of a pen that should be comfortable and perform without hesitation every time the nib hits the paper. The True Writer has earned that name and then some by combining excellent performance with quality and style. In my eyes, the Silver Anniversary Edition is the ultimate True Writer, just as long as you can keep a hold of that metal barrel.

Levenger Silver Anniv True Writer fountain pen posted

This pen was provided for review by Levenger.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dante-Philo/100000352011608 Dante Philo

    Who makes it for Levenger? I think it sourced to Stipula, Aurora, or some other Italian brand.

    • Charles Hadden

      If you look under the clip, it says “Taiwan” at least in all of the ones I have.

      • http://fpgeeks.com/ Dan Smith


  • RagingDragon

    Uhm, Rhodium is a bright silver colour. It’s Ruthenium that imparts a dark grey colour.

    • http://fpgeeks.com/ Dan Smith

      Good catch! Correcting in 3…2…1…

  • Chanhassen Fountain Pen

    I have thought I could do without a True Writer, as I have so many other nice pens. I just got my latest in Obsidian, just this past Wednesday. A good basic pen, that writes better than it should. Don’t want to take the Stipula or Omas out to the grocery store? Take the True Writer. My previous one is used so much, it is now so smooth. I think this nib is better than any others I have owned. It’s got a touch of softness for a reallyh nice compliant feel. It may not be the pen you bring to show off to a customer, but it is the one that you will use.

    • cuza

      Recently bought a Filcao Columbia from you that is one of the nicest pens I currently own. I share your interest in TrueWriters. I just picked up a gorgeous Sea Glass and a Red Marble. The Sea Glass is in my pocket.

  • skyppere

    I love true writers and have nearly a dozen and every single one of them wrote perfectly right out of the box! My favorite story is finding one on their E bay site with the initials J.A.W. These are the initials of my best friend who died of cancer earlier that year. He wasn’t into fountain pens so I know it wasn’t his, but still, it makes me think of him when I use it. And like the rest, it’s a truly good writer.

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  • cuza

    Bought one this morning partially based on Dan’s review and partially on the fact that Levenger is offering a flat 25% discount on all purchases. At $75.00 it is an excellent buy. I now have 8 TWs and I like them all.

    • http://fpgeeks.com/ Dan Smith

      Nice! Glad my review was of some help.

  • Brad

    I have a Silver Anniversary with a fine nib and it is one of my favorite pens. I would put it in the top 3 with my Pelikans. (120 M&K EF and M205 M) . I have had it since late 2/2013 or early 3/2013 as a birthday gift from my wife. It held the place as my favorite until I bought the Pel’s in 11/2013.

    I have never had problems with it getting slick, but it certainly has been a wonderful pen.