InCoWriMo: [ing-koh-rahy-moh]
n. International Correspondence Writing Month (February)
v. To participate in International Correspondence Writing Month

Without you, InCoWriMo’s just a noun. But with your participation, InCoWriMo becomes a big, fun, wonderful verb.

InCoWriMo challenges each of us to write and mail/deliver one letter, card, note or postcard every day during the month of February.

A letter-a-day? As a challenge? More like a month at Disneyland for Fountain Pen Geeks!

In a modern world where many of us struggle to find good reasons to use our pens, InCoWriMo is just the ticket.

Seeing as how InCoWriMo provides us with a wonderful and fulfilling commitment to use our fountain pens, it should come as no surprise that InCoWriMo is the brainchild of FPGeeks.

We’ve provided InCoWriMo with a separate website ( where you can read the quick introduction, peruse the FAQ’s, and commit to participation by taking the InCoWriMo Challenge.

We’ve also created an InCoWriMo area in the FPGeeks forum (InCoWriMo Forum) where you can add your name to the list of “Who’s in?” and interact with other participants. There may even be some address sharing as we all try to help each other fulfill our InCoWriMo promises.

We’ve got pens. We’ve got ink. We’ve got paper.

Let’s InCoWriMo!

Hey… we’ve even got a song!

You put your gold nib in.
You put your gold nib out.
You put your gold nib in,
and you shake it all about.
You do the InCoWriMo
and your turn yourself around,
That’s what it’s all a-bout.

Ok, maybe we won’t mention the song. Just yet.
You’re humming it now, aren’t you?

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  • Jennie Sisler

    I wasn’t aware that you could get away with shaking your gold nib on the internet;) Count me in. I already write enough letters that I could probably easily do this.:)

    • eriquito

      Hi Jennie! Gold nib shaking is age restrictive, of course, but perfectly acceptable between consenting adults =) I’m very glad you’ll participate. This will be fun!

      • Jennie Sisler

        Ok then, I will shake my nib around for the next 28 days – with Valentines I’m sending out, that’s at least six or seven notes already:)

    • snedwos

      You can get away with anything on the Internet. Or at least I hope you can…

      • Jennie Sisler

        Me too, or else I have a lot of explaining to do;) Nah, I’m really harmless….

  • Lisa E. Anderson

    count me in!!!

  • Lisa E. Anderson

    and yes, yes I am humming the song now, thanks…..

    • eriquito

      You’re quite welcome =) Love that E in your name!

  • samgeee

    This is awesome! Can’t wait to participate!

  • Lisa Miyako on Facebook

    Oo! I might try this!

  • Michel_de_Montreal

    Well, i shook my gold nib all about, and now I have noodler’s BSB all over my white shirt…… HELP ME FPGEEKS!!!!! ;-)

    • snedwos

      Now time to dye the shirt completely. There problem solved.

  • Marta

    You throw down the gauntlet sirs? I will take up that gauntlet and enjoy the journey! Thank you for creating a fun
    challenge. For the love of pens inks paper stamps and snail mail. Receiving something other than bills and junk

    mail is always a joy.

  • Will Platt

    Can’t wait to get and send all these letterS!

  • Neels Kriek

    Shame on you FPNGeeks!! I am very disappointed in you. Seriously. LetterMo ran very succesfully last year and is the brain child of Mary Robinette Kowal. Are you trying to hijack it?

    • PostMuse

      I’ve been a mail enthusiast for years and I’ve seen all sorts of letter writing projects start up, mostly independent from other letter writing projects. The Internet is a big place, and letter writing projects abound. I am not willing to assume that this one is “hijacking” LetterMo, which I also enjoy. I wish there were as many letter writing projects as there are cat videos. Not that I want less cat videos, mind you. Cat videos make the world go round. Letter writing just allows me to slow that spinning down a bit.

      • Neels Kriek

        No No!!! leave the cats alone! They keep me amused at work. I understand your point about the internet being a big place. But really … if you google “International Correspondence Writing Month”, you get lettermo at #4, right after the 3 FPgeek entries. Hijack might have been too strong a word, but not by much in my opinion. I really like all that FPGeeks do for the FP community, but a little bit of research can go a long way. I would strongly suggest FPGeeks align their efforts with Lettermo instead of creating a competitive event. Contact Mary, have a chat. Who knows, the two efforts might just evolve into one super InCoWriMo.

        • Lisa E. Anderson

          There are a number of letter-writing communities and activities that occur globally. Many have been around for years, but are not spoken of all that much these days. PenTrace has the Snail Mail list, as do several other boards. The Geeks certainly did not hijack this concept, and by creating one of their own, with a cute & catchy name, they avoid accusations of stealing the thunder of another existing project. In addition, with the FPGeeks extremely vast international audience, InCoWriMo may, in fact, help to create awareness of other similar projects or sites.

          I think kudos are in order to the FPGeeks, for reminding us to USE our pens, and to share the handwritten communication. The challenge could, indeed, create a new habit for many of us.

          • Neels Kriek

            Well … Iv’e said what I wanted. I will leave you with this thought:
            Lettermo: A letter a day. Mailed. In February.
            InCoWriMo: A letter a day. Mailed. In February. And called a brain child? Hmm.

          • Marta

            Right on Lisa. You match my sentiments exactly but much more eloquently than I could have conveyed. I second that and raise you one! :)

          • Chandrashekhar Kshirsagar

            Where to find a pen friend?

        • inkblot

          I’m sorry, why are you upset? Because the pen/writing community now has two initiatives to try to get us to use our pens more? That just makes no sense to me.

          Is it because LetterMo was first and FPGeeks is now above them in the search results? Ok, fine, have the community send LetterMo a trophy with “1st” on it.

          Can we just send some letters, please?

          • Neels Kriek

            No. Because it now has 2 initiatives in exactly the same month. Doing exactly the same thing. Calling it their brain child. As I said to Lisa:

            Lettermo: A letter a day. Mailed. In February.
            InCoWriMo: A letter a day. Mailed. In February. And called a brain child? Hmm.

            • eriquito

              Oh gosh, I’ve been missing out on this commentary. Let me chime in…

              With all due respect, I had no knowledge of Lettermo’s existence. And it doesn’t matter anyway because:

              a) This is not a competition.
              b) Lettermo doesn’t have a theme song.

              Seriously, write your letters with Lettermo or write your letters with InCoWriMo or write your letters to ease your scripturiency. It doesn’t matter. The only thing that mattes is that we all use our pens.

              • Tim Hofmann

                Eric, just admit it. You have it out for Mary Robinette Kowal. Ever since she did something you’ve been scheming to kidnap her brainchild and sell it for parts. Monster! Hooligan! Gerrymanderer!

            • Amina Mirza

              Maybe we can do both with the same letters, and not tell either one we’re cheating…

  • bethinoz

    my letter writing skills are dubious I may have to substitute some doodles =D

  • Azizah Asgarali

    … I am humming the song.

    This sounds so fun! Except I don’t think I even know 30 people, let alone have their mailing addresses…

    • Breck

      You are my February 12th recipient.

      • Azizah Asgarali

        Hooray!! I was hoping someone would write to me :) :)

  • Sabina Trandafir

    I just committed to this. I love the smell of commitment in the morning!

  • Inkiefingers

    Lisa, your argument was eloquent and right on the money. There’s no need for ruffled feathers. In the world of Technology vs. Tradition, we all need to stick together to make sure our kids can still read documents like the Declaration and the Constitution and that they can sign their name with something other than an ‘x’ or a fingerprint. Can you imagine the horror of it? (shudders) Teachers have given up on educating to create a well-rounded individual, and have turned to being trainers of job skills. Our schools have become vo-tech businesses. I love this project and what it’s trying to promote, and though I won’t accomplish one a day, the most important thing I’ll gain from it will be the habit of continuing to write on a regular basis. And, if you can’t think of who to write to, write to a company who’s product you’ve used. You’d be AMAZED at the reaction you’ll receive from that company. I’ve done it in the past, and it’s incredible to see how big business reacts to a handwritten letter. Try it. Then let us know the results.

  • Breck

    OK, here we are on February 5th and I have just written my letter for this date, to…Philip Wang! (I had to talk to him anyway about the prototype slim model, so two purposes with one note!). I haven’t missed a day yet.