The FPGeeks Old-School, Write-In, Random Drawing just keeps going and going! Thanks to the generosity of the Edison Pen Company, the prize for our February 2013 monthlong giveaway will be an Edison Beaumont Pneumatic Filling Fountain Pen!

Edison Beaumont Pneumatic Filler 01

One lucky winner will be able to select his/her prize from the Edison Pen Company’s current (at time of win) on-line inventory of Edison Beaumont Pneumatic Filling Fountain Pens.

Edison Beaumont Pneumatic Fillers 02

This monthlong giveaway will be “old school.” To enter, just send us something handwritten via snail mail. It can be a letter, a note, an old shopping list, even a few words scribbled on your last receipt from Chipotle. It can be anything at all so long as it is handwritten and provides us with a way to contact you should you win the pen.

Very Important:
Somewhere on your entry, be sure to provide a definition (correct or humorous) for “pneumatic.”

Send your entry to:

Fountain Pen Geeks
PO Box 728
Ankeny, IA 50021

All entries must be received by Thursday, February 28, 2013.
Only one entry per person, please.
The random draw to select the winner will be conducted during the first live FPtv broadcast in March.
You do not have to be watching the live broadcast in order to win.
As always, this is another FPGeeks famous Contest Without Borders and is open to anyone and everyone, world-wide.

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  • Nuno Barreto

    Already sent mine :)

  • Da

    Beaumont Pneumatic? Brian trying them all out? Looks nice tho’.

  • Krandall Kraus

    50 Years! Congratulations for putting in the effort it takes to work that hard. Most people think once you say “I do” everything happens automatically. I am so impressed and proud that there are folks out there who love each other and themselves enough to do the one thing essential to making a strong, conscientious union: Say “I do” every morning when you wake up. Say, “I’m going to do whatever it takes to be married one more day.” You guys are extraordinary and an inspiration for all of us to keep on keepin’ on, even when the road is rough. And I thought we were doing well at 21 years.

    I adore your site. You’ve taken the pen world by storm…a perfect storm…and not in a bad way.

    • Maja

      ?? Did I miss something? Who’s been married 50 years?
      Anywhoo…Great-looking pens, Brian! That blue, black and tan ‘mosiac’ one would be lovely to own :) Thanks for your generosity!

      • Will Platt


  • BrenDa Garcia on Facebook

    I want!

  • Will Platt

    OH YES!!!! I’m not NOT entering this one!!!!!!!!! TATATATATAT YAYA

  • Runner Yang

    Oh, my goodness. This is so attractive :) I gonna put a goat into PO Box 728 and let it chew up all the other competitors’ mails :)

  • snedwos

    The Pneumont Beaumatic. Hmmm. Nobody wants this pen at all, do they? So I get to be the only entrant? Yes?

  • Lee Smallwood

    Oh he has one at the moment in blue/gold checked acrylic. So nice…

  • Daniel

    Beautiful pen. Would this entry count also as my InCoWriMo of the day?

  • ME Nunes

    I’m in, that blue swirl is calling for me…

  • Nayyirah Shariff

    I am salivating

  • Jon Rabbett

    The Persimmon Swirl is one of the most beautiful pens I have ever seen – will be entering for sure!

  • edisonpenco

    Just a heads up everyone….we are in the process of getting LOTS of Beaumont Pneumatic fillers ready for the LA Pen Show. We will probably have close to 80 of them finished in time for the show. So when it’s time to give one away for this contest, we’ll most likely still have plenty of inventory to choose from. More than what’s in the gallery right now, for sure.

    • snedwos

      Awesome! Now let’s hope for an intercession from St Nibius!

  • Stephen Brown

    Pneumatic: a machine that generates Byzantine hymns. Think about that one.

    • Pen Klepteau

      So that’s how it happens! I thought it was via celestial hamsters with nice voices.

  • Will Platt

    Finally sent my entry. It is interesting to say the least!

  • Mags

    Just in case my letter was sent before the question. Pneumatic is a new mature fill with a pressure principle and Magic!

  • Breck

    So who won? I haven’t seen any report on the giveaway except for the last Saturday show blurb, but I haven’t had the time to watch. Was it given away there or what?

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