The Conway Stewart Marlborough Dartmoor Limited Edition is Conway Stewart’s newest special edition fountain pen. It has a distinguished new resign design that is inspired by the classic styling of Conway Stewart’s vintage models and created with modern manufacturing techniques and materials. The Marlborough model is reminiscent of styles from the 1920s.

The Dartmoor features attractive English hallmarked solid sterling silver trim, and a deep black body with marbled shimmering brown highlights. A simple but elegant design with a luxurious finish – the perfect color for those who want to step away from the world of basic black, while retaining the quiet and understate nature of a dark pen.

The 18 carat gold nib is available in many options to suit all tastes – extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, double broad, italic fine, italic medium, and italic broad. I recently acquired the Marlborough Vintage in italic fine and it’s a lovely nib! Available only as a cartridge/converter.

Retail list price of the Marlborough Dartmoor Limited Edition fountain pen is £355 / €470 / $580USD. It is available to order from now until April 16, 2013. There will be only 50 numbered pens available worldwide so if you want one, don’t hesitate to place your order! For more information and to place your order, check out Conway Stewart.

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  • Vikram Shah

    That is one beautiful pen. My jaw dropped from looking at that photo :P

  • The Ruffled Quill

    drooling! what a beauty

  • Stephen Brown

    Beautiful, and for a LE of 50 pens, I don’t even think it’s too bad price-wise.

    • Mark Boyles

      I’ve just ordered one. I’ll let you know what it’s like :)

  • Julian Chan on Facebook

    It’s nice but I think the novel part of the Marlborough was its option for a lever filler..I think I’ll go for the ebonite lever filler instead :)

  • Scribble Monboddo

    Nice. It does actually look the earth found on Dartmoor, too. Just don’t pass it to a pony!

  • Robert

    It is a very beautiful pen, but at the asking price I’d want a better filling system than cart./conv.

    • snedwos

      I know… The Marlborough Vintage is only a little more expensive and available as a lever filler, which can’t be that much more expensive to produce…

  • Manutius

    This or the Marlborough LE in Black might finally be the Conway Stewart I’ve been waiting for the last 13 years of FP madness. I must like the 20s/30s thing as I nearly went for the recent Pelikan Lizard LE but thought it was a little steeply priced for what it was. The lever fill black Marlborough is only a little bit more, but has more to go wrong right… C/C fillers may not be ‘exciting’ but long term cleaning and maintenance is a breeze?