Stipula Passaporto Neve fountain penHere’s something you don’t see everyday: Giardino Italiano is including a free Stipula Passaporto Neve fountain pen with any purchase of €400 or more. But it gets better, if you only happen to spend €200 then you can make a €13 “donation” and still receive the Passaporto Neve.

The Stipula Passaporto Neve is not available for purchase separately and, as far as I can tell, isn’t available from any other retailer. The ivory colored resin is semi-transparent and is offset nicely with the gold colored plated hardware.

Once either spending amount is reached, the Passaporto Neve will become available to add to your purchase as long as supplies last. The Passaporto Neve is available with a gold colored steel nib in sizes F, M, or 0.9mm Stub.

Oh, and Giardino Italiano do ship worldwide!

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  • Marta

    Giardino Italiano are easy to do business with (and in my case very patient). I ordered a fountain pen from them and was able to take advantage of the offer of the Stipula Passaporto Neve with a ‘donation’. I ordered from them on a Saturday and it was late there and received my order on the following
    Wednesday!! That is pretty great. They are very nice too. The Neve is pretty and writes smoothly. And although it has a little metal inside the section that holds the nib when it is screwed into the barrel the pen came with an eyedropper. So I took a chance and put a little silicon grease on the metal and made it an eyedropper pen.Hope I will not ruin it. The primary pen I ordered writes like a dream and is beautiful. It has the T-flex nib on the Stipula Etruria. Yum. I thought about it and thought about it since you posted your article about them I think in January. I could resist no longer. Giardino Italiano also kept me posted every step of the way with my order which is also very nice of them. They have very good customer service. Oh, and also the petite Passaporto Neve comes very nicely boxed in red with a glass eyedropper and a small international cartridge to boot. So this is a smoking offer as Dan has mentioned in different words.

    • Susanna Buffo

      Thank you, Marta!

  • Stephen Brown

    Wow, that’s pretty cool!

  • Robert

    Here’s another endorsement of Giardino Italiano. Susanna Buffo tracked down a hard-to-find grey 1911 Nettuno Docet (with fine nib) for me earlier this year. She confirmed availability, and less than 48 hours after I paid for it, FedEx delivered it to my front door in Houston. Now that’s excellent service! (BTW – The pen is drop-dead gorgeous and writes ever so smoothly.)

    • Susanna Buffo

      Wow! Thank you!

  • Lily Tu

    so wonderful

  • Lily Tu

    love it, like snow