Brand Fountain Pen Revolution (www.fountainpenrevolution.com)
Model Dilli
Nib Material Steel
Nib Sizes F, M, stub F, flex
Filling System Piston
Dimensions Capped Length: 138.3mm
Posted Length: 145.5mm
Uncapped Length: 119.6mm
Section Ø: 8.9-9.8mm (narrow bit of hourglass/barrel seam)
Barrel Ø:10.9-5.4mm (widest point to end of piston knob)
Weight 12g
Notes Only available through Fountain Pen Revolution
Price $15 (F or M), $18 (stub F, flex)
Availability Now

 Fountain Pen Revolution (FPR) offers Indian-made fountain pens for affordable prices.  I have purchased pens there and was always pleasantly surprised at the speed of delivery (about a week from India to The Netherlands).  Also, my orders always came with one free pen, which is a nice touch.  Kevin from FPR has now launched a pen himself, the Dilli (Indian pronunciation of Delhi).  I got three, with three different nibs: fine, fine stub, and flex.  I want to show you what these pens are all about.

First of all, the pens are affordable.  You can pick one up with a fine or medium nib for just $15, and if you add $3, you can get a fine stub or a flex nib.  You’ll get a transparent plastic pen (currently in blue or red, but more colors are to follow) that is piston-filled, and holds a decent amount of ink.

I found the piston mechanisms to operate smoothly.  Should they be a little stiff: the nib and feed are friction-fit, so you can pull them out and apply some silicone grease to the inside of the pen barrel with a Q-tip.  Perhaps the piston mechanism can be disassembled: I haven’t tried that yet.

The plastic feels pretty robust, but I’m certain it can be cracked, given enough pressure.  The cap has a metal center band to alleviate stress, which seems to be a good idea.  The clip is springy, and I think it can be bent out of shape, but I can pull it about a centimeter away from the cap and it still springs right back.

From left to right: stub fine, flex, and fine nibs

The pens are lightweight, but can be posted securely.  Although small, I found the section’s hourglass shape to be comfortable to hold, especially when posted.

As to the nibs: I like them.  At a price of $15-18, one cannot expect the performance of a high-end gold or steel nib, but these nibs are by no means bad.  I found they wrote well straight out of the paper wrap (the pens are shipped wrapped in an instruction sheet), without any skipping.  The flex nib was pretty smooth, the fine nib gave some feedback (and will probably be smoothed a bit by me), and the fine stub gave some feedback on diagonal upstrokes.  None of the three nibs were annoyingly scratchy or anything.

The bottom line? I like what Kevin is doing: he is making affordable pens available to the world.  I think the Dilli is a fun pen to play around with, maybe to stick a nib in you had lying around anyway, or to practice nib smoothing/grinding on.  These are lovely knockabout pens to just throw into a bag and carry wherever you go.

These pens were purchased for review.

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  • Todd Cumpston

    Thanks for the review! Wondered about these pens… Will have to order a couple myself!

  • Todd Cumpston on Facebook

    Thanks for this!

  • TrixieinDixie

    Looks like a great addition to the selection. I really enjoy all the pens I have from FPR, so I know I’ll like these, too!

  • miatapaul

    I really need to order a few of them.

  • Freddy

    Now I’m really curious. Just may have to pick up one or two. ;-)

  • Breck

    The nibs seem too small in comparison with the size of the pens.

  • Knobby H

    Is “Fountain Pen Revolution” still in business?? I’ve emailed them a few times through their web site and have never received a reply…