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Just as I was gearing up to create an ersatz bulb-filler for my Kaweco Classic Sport, the Kaweco fountain pen company, aka Federhalter Fabrik Koch, Weber & Co, has saved me the trouble by introducing a squeeze converter designed specifically for the Kaweco Sport (including, but not limited to, the Classic, ICE, AL, ART, Luxe, and AC) – The KaweConverter!

As Prof.dr Tarquin Danglebury and Stephen Brown suggest, this is big news for all Kaweco Sport users. FPGeeks has scoured the Internet and can currently find the KaweConverter available only here:

Other Kaweco retailers are sure to have stock soon. Personally, I’ve got a Kaweco Classic Sport Guilloch 1930, a Kaweco ART, and a Delta Vintage that could all use a KaweConverter. I think I’ll buy five just to be safe!

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  • Rafael R. Pappalardo

    could you tell me if it will fit the J.Herbin roller?

    Thanks and really amusing.

    • Stephen Brown

      It should fit: I know a Monteverde mini converter fits those pens, and this one is a bit smaller, but has the same opening – so I’d say yes!

      • Rafael R. Pappalardo

        Dear Stephen,

        unfortunately it does not fit the J.Herbin roller. The metal part is to wide and does not enter in the section of the roller.

        I have also discovered that it does not work in the Kaweco Sport roller. In this case, the end of the feed is to low in the section and the converter does fit loosely. On the other hand it works ok in a Kaweco Sport fountain pen.

        I have contacted Frank from Frontoplumo and says he will inquiry with Kaweco.

        Best regards,


  • Roeland De Groot on Facebook

    cute just ordered a Kaweco sport from the friends in Tilburg…

  • Phillip Dimor on Facebook


  • Jason Parry


  • Carol1313

    Sold! On the phone with Time Warner right now to add Cable Nib Network to my lineup. Exciting stuff: at 4:00 the Professor was almost beside himself!

  • skyppere

    You guys are WAY out ahead on this story!

  • Frank van Krieken

    Great show / breaking news

  • Diana Dall’Occhio on Facebook

    That’s great news.

  • DHarris

    Another mini-converter mystery I have tried to solve is one that will fit a Retro 51 Tornado Fountain Pen (VRF-1301B) (not the EXT model). The Monteverde converter in the video doesn’t fit. Any chance the new KaweConverter will fit the Retro 51?

    • Stephen Brown

      I don’t have a Retro 51 Tornado, but the KaweConverter is about half a cm longer than a standard international short cartridge. Maybe that’ll help.

    • Maja Furlong

      I wonder about that, too! From what I’ve read online, the Monteverde Mini converters fit *some* Retro 51 Tornados, but not all of them.The only converter that seemed to fit in *all* Tornados was the Bantam Converter by Tryphon Enterprises (see my post above) but it’s not available from them. I am hoping that the KaweConverter fits the Tornados. If not, I will try buying the ones on eBay called the “short squeeze aerometric ink converter”.

  • Ilan Gai

    One thing i don’t like: it shows AVAILABLE next to the converter. After i’ve purchased i got a message saying the item is sold out and the order will be delayed, which is more than expectable.
    Now that i’m entering it still shows as AVAILABLE.. and this starts to look like a plan from the store to get as much orders as it can. That’s not nice!

    • Frank van Krieken

      Ilan, It is definitely not a plan.
      Available means you can order, when it is in stock it has a clear green text on the product page saying ‘in stock’ as I got many orders for them last night they’re out of stock now. I asked Kaweco to send more converters so I can send them to you asap. Any orders coming in will be served immediately when it is restocked.

      • Ilan Gai

        I do appreciate your response and am very pleased with the service you provide.
        I’m sure that as the only supplier your inventory clears up very fast, and i’ll wait patiently for my order.

  • Will Platt

    Well…If I ever got a carbon sport, I would make it a bulb filler, but for the Lepine pens, yes! I’ve always wanted a Lepine, but can’t stand the idea of a cartridge only pen…are these actually a kaweco product?? it seems to me stephen brown commissioned them for fonteplumo?

    • Frank van Krieken

      Yes, these converters are supplied by Kaweco

  • Maria Camarão

    I do hope the two converters were of age when they conceived the little one. One can only wonder what’s going on on Prof. Tarquin drawers…:-)

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  • Scribble Monboddo

    Well, about time! Now they just need to fit them as standard issue in new pens too, and they’ll have a classic back on their inky hands.

  • Steve

    would it fit a Monblanc Boheme?

  • Maja Furlong

    Thanks, Prof. Danglebury :) There was a similar converter sold by Tryphon Enterprises which they called the “Bantam Converter”. At 4.2cm long, it was shorter than the 6.0cm-long mini Monteverde converter and apparently could fit in the Kaweco Sport. Tryphon, however, does not seem to be in the pen business any longer (someone please correct me if I am mistaken), so this KaweConverter is a welcome addition to the converter family!

  • SakiVI

    This is awesome news!

  • K.D.P.Ross

    This is utterly brilliant news, indeed … I’ve been searching the Web and pen shops for this for almost a year!