Fasten your seat belts. The One Man Pen Show™ provides us with a jaw-dropping look at his daily carry pens.

Note: Sarj Minhas will be the Special Guest on tomorrow’s Live Broadcast of FPtv.

I tend to have a “core” set of daily users which I almost always have with me. These are relatively modern pens which are 100% reliable and used for taking meeting notes, etc. In addition to these, I like to select a dozen or so pens which are inked up but not necessarily carried with me to the office. These are a mixture of vintage and modern pens which have interesting nibs that I can have fun writing with.

Sarj Minhas Leather Cases

I use a variety of leather pen and cigar cases to protect my pens when I am out and about. The Piquadro and the tooled leather 3 pen case tend to get the most use. In fact, my sterling silver Legacy set lives exclusively in the hand tooled brown leather case.

Sarj Minhas Sheaffer Legacy Sterling Set in Case


Sarj Minhas Sheaffer Legacy Sterling Set

Sheaffer Legacy I – Sterling Silver FP/BP/MP Set

The above set is from around 1998 and I have owned it from new. It lives in my laptop case and has become almost indispensible. I have a number of Legacy nib units and swap them around from time to time. The pen currently sports a broad nib which is exceptionally smooth. The ballpoint and pencil are always useful.

Sarj Minhas Parker 51 Blue Aero

Parker 51 – Teal Blue Aerometric 1951 w/ Medium Nib
Super smooth, 100% reliable. This is the ideal pen for fast note taking. Everybody should have at least one Parker 51.

Sarj Minhas Sheaffer PFM III

Sheaffer PFM III circa ~1960 – Classic Black with Gold Trim, Medium Nib
This is one of my favourites. Definitely user grade but sporting one of the smoothest medium nibs with generous flow. I love the inlaid nib and snorkel filling mechanism.

Sarj Minhas Sailor Burgundy Ribbed Naginata

Sailor 1911 – Burgundy Ribbed Naginata Togi, HF Nib
This outstanding pen dates from around 2002. It is the perfect XF nib, ideal for writing marginalia notes.

Sarj Minhas Sailor 1911 Sterling

Sailor 1911 – Sterling Silver, HM Nib
I am a big fan of sterling silver pens and this Sailor is a great writer.

These are the other pens which are currently inked and in rotation:

Sarj Minhas Daily Carry Group

Left to Right:

  • Waterman Man 100 – Harlequin Pattern – Medium Nib
    This pen is a special edition from 1989 and is much less common than the Opera chased version of this model.
  • Parker Vacumatic – Streamlined Standard in Burgundy Pearl – 1938
    A scarce variant, made in Canada, this pen has a factory broad stub nib. Writes very smoothly with generous ink flow. I use it exclusively on heavy laid paper.
  • Mabie Todd – Swan Leverless Model – Marbled Green/Black Celluloid – ~1940
    Superb English made pen with a “twist fill” mechanism. The flexible #4 broad nib is just a joy to write with.
  • Parker Vacumatic Senior Maxima – Emerald Pearl 1939
    This pen has a firm and smooth medium stub nib. A true American classic, I have to have a big Vacumatic in rotation at all times.
  • Wahl Eversharp – Rosewood #76 – ~1925
    This is a handsome, early, large sized model with an outstanding flexible nib. It flexes from an XF to BB with very little pressure. It is currently loaded with Pelikan Brilliant Brown ink.
  • Mabie Todd – “Big Blackbird” – Broad Stub Nib ~1927
    Black chased hard rubber, ringed pattern – Made in England. I love the red celluloid lever on this pen. Blackbirds were an economy line from Mabie Todd but this was the senior flagship model. A rare pen which is also a superb writer.
  • Classic Pens LM1 Flame Red Limited Edition – 2007
    Made from diffusion bonded acrylic, this is one the best pens ever to come out of the Classic Pens stable. The nib is a superb italic broad. It will be a while before this one drops out of rotation!
  • Torelli Custom Made Celluloid Plunger Filler – 2008
    This pen is very special. Hand made by Brad Torelli, it has a Visconti style plunger filler, solid gold cap band and clip, and a vintage Montblanc 149 nib with ebonite feed. It is styled after a vintage Montblanc 139 and writes like a champion. Medium semi flex. Just an awesome pen !
  • Omas Paragon – Saffron Celluloid – Medium Nib
    I am a huge fan of Omas pens from the pre-LVMH Moët Hennessy era. This pen is piston filled. Manufactured in 1997 it has great vintage character.
  • Wahl Eversharp – Deco Band, Black and Pearl Celluloid – ~1929
    A true classic oversize with an outstanding flexible nib. I was test writing with it after replacing the sac and just had to put it into rotation. Love the art deco styling.
  • Sheaffer Oversized Balance – Marine Green Marbled – ~1935
    OS balances are a focus area in my collection. The iconic streamlined styling and bulletproof Lifetime nibs are significant features. This one has a stub nib which is probably a re-tip and writes like a champion.
  • TWSBI Edson – Ruby Red – ~1998
    The Edson has been TWSBI’s flagship model for many years and is still in production today. The ruby red and emerald green versions were discontinued about a decade ago. This pen has a really smooth fine nib. Always an attention grabber!

Eye Candy:

Sarj Minhas Eye Candy 01

Sarj Minhas Eye Candy 02

Sarj Minhas Eye Candy 03

Sarj Minhas Eye Candy 04

Sarj Minhas Eye Candy 05

Sarj Minhas Eye Candy 06

Sarj Minhas Eye Candy 07

Daily Carry Please Note

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  • Fred Pitts

    Here’s hoping Lewis has a Speedy recovery.

  • Dan Smith

    I think we should start having Sarj take photos for us, wow!

    • Maja

      +1! The pens and photos are both gorgeous. Bravo, Sarj :)

  • controls_freak

    I’m no purist but that just seems wrong. Anathema even. Made my eyes Water it was so wrong.

    Oh, but what a collection. Beautiful.

  • Tom White

    TWSBI Edson? Say whaaaat?

    • eriquito

      Clever and discrete, please.

  • DET

    Does the last pen in the list come in a Micarta finish?

  • Oliver Taylor

    Whoever made that mistake will have to make a speedy exit.

  • quinden

    Yay, the Daily Carry is back! It feels like the design of one of these pens is really watered down, though :)

  • jep

    I heard that TWSBI is introducing the Edson-80 later this year because there have been complaints that the finish doesn’t hold up very well to Water. man I’d love to have one of these before they are replaced! Such a unique design. Lovely.

  • skyppere

    I don’t think Tom the inventor would be pleased…
    HOWEVER… what a treat this was, Sarj! wonderful! Thanks to FPGeeks too for sharing this.

  • ethernautrix

    Gorgeous pens and beautiful photography! The Madie Todd “Big Blackbird” with the red celluloid lever — love it! And the Torelli? Would love to try it out.

    Won’t bother with the misidentified men, I mean pen, as it’s obvious, and if it weren’t, there are plenty of clever replies already. Nice job, fpgeeks!

  • Max Wellington

    These pens… These pens are… Beautiful. Every one of them.

  • Mike Sheehan on Facebook

    Brilliant collection

  • edisonpenco

    Sarj + FPGeeks = Awesome

  • Syed Ali

    Cigar cases for storing pens.. Very smart!
    Why didn’t I think of that?

  • Dirck in Saskatchewan


    Nope. Can’t spot it.

  • George

    That Torelli is simply amazing!

  • Michel_de_Montreal

    I think Sarj’s collection also needs the recently released Waterman 580, I hear they fixed some of the cracking issues from previous models….

  • Bates Allen

    I nearly passed water in my pants when I saw that TWSBI.

  • Ao Kiu

    Nice collection – you should see my daily carry pens ;-).
    I too have a Waterman Edson, but in blue…

  • Will Platt

    Lewis didn’t do acronyms. He purportedly drank lots of water though.

  • Kayte

    What a nice TWSBI! Too Bad the Water got to it, man.

  • Mags

    I am twerrorrable at finding mistakes ;)

  • Jennie Sisler on Facebook

    The giant red one makes me drool….uh wait a sec, did I say that?

  • MrMiller

    I bet the lines from that classic TWSBI flow like water, man!

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