Fountain Pen Revolution, a family-owned company based in India, has been developing a fountain pen with the help of their fans over the last few months – from the colors and filling mechanisms right down to the finishing touches. This pen is finally complete and has been recently launched!

The Dilli is the first fountain pen from Fountain Pen Revolution’s exclusive F.P.R. Collection. Dilli is the local pronunciation of Delhi, the capital city of India.

The Dilli is a piston filled pen with a translucent cap and body currently available in blue or red, but with green and black colors on the way. It comes in fine, medium, flex and fine stub nib options. Pricing starts at $15 for a fine or medium nib and $18 for a stub or flex nib. A great price and a great way to try out a flex nib!

I don’t have any first hand experience with FPR fountain pens but the writing sample from their site instills some hope:
From their website, FPR says the flex nib can go from a 0.3mm fine line to 2.0mm fully flexed! Hopefully, everyone can get that kind of performance without having to experiment for hours modifying the feed.

The stub nib seems to provide some eye-catching line variation as well:

Please visit for more information.

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  • snedwos

    The clip looks familiar…

  • Lee Smallwood

    I worry this could become a FPR versus Noodler’s pen type thing, and I hope that really doesn’t happen. What Nathan has done is incredible, and I am a gigantic fan of what Kevin has been doing for the hobby as well. We should be happy we have two cheap flex pen makers out there.

    • Paul Wyand

      The only issue I see is that they are likely from the same producer (at least the nibs) and I could see Nathan making an issue. Nathan seems like he might get a bit protective about his products. I don’t really see them as a threat unless some distributor in the US wanted to start carrying them.

  • Tim Hofmann

    I will definitely be grabbing one of these next time I place a truckload order from fountain pen revolution.

    I use my fpr and noodlers pens side by side. Glad they’re both around.

    • Lee Smallwood

      I’m in a good bit of pain. I wanted to place an order for these pens when available, but I wanted a green and a black (one stub, one flex). I keep wavering on whether to compromise on color or wait. For now, I’m waiting I guess.

      • Tim Hofmann

        I want the green and black ones too. I’m almost out of penvangelism handouts so its getting to be time to order.

  • David

    The real thing to watch with this pen is if it requires hacking the feed just to make it work. If this pen works for most right out of the box, this is going to say a lot about the Noodler’s situation. Ahh… the benefits of competition!

    Don’t get me wrong – I love my Ahabs, and I’ve got a decent herd of them. But getting them to the lovable point was a pain in the Keester. And if you screw up – you’re screwed. We still can’t buy spare parts for the Noodler’s pens (what a waste).

    I wonder why only blue and red F.P.R. Dilli’s are available, with green and black on hold – especially the black? I would think the black pen would be the easiest to manufacture. I’m on hold too, waiting for the black version.

    • Andreas Davour

      I have the Serwex flex nib and it is way better than the Ahab! I did nothing to it and it just worked. Not like any of my Noodler’s pens.

  • Edu Almeida

    We definitely need more options of non-expensive pens. It’s even better when they have flex or stub nibs. The new Dilli is very welcome!

  • Paul Wyand

    I have several pens from them (all Serwex) and they have very fast service, less than a week delivery on the last order. I have the medium (I believe it is the same nib the “premium med nib”), flex and fine stub. I really like the medium it is very smooth out of the box. I cannot judge the stub as it got mangled in the cap (design flaw in the Serwex MB pen) I straightened it but it is still scratchy. The flex nib is basically the same nib as Noodlers flex nibs and the feeds seem to keep up with it quite well. I will be giving one of these a try when I get some extra fountain pen cash (just bought a house).

  • Scribble Monboddo

    Is that a Pelikan I see before me, or just a very small bill? Oo, theyt are cheeky! I have one of Kevin’s other products in my rotation at the moment as well as my Ahab and I have to say, they both deserve support – and there’s room for them both, too.

  • Tim O’Connor

    This pen is definitely cheaper in appearance than a Noodlers flex but it works instantly out of the box. Ill take function over form any day.

  • Donnell Smith

    Received mine and they wrote great with no experimentation, tweaking, or modification necessary. Ended up placing an order for a few more. However it appears you do have the trade off of not being able take it completely apart. Atleast the ones I ordered were not meant to be fully dissassembled. Curiosity got the better of me on the piston side. The nib and feed though were easily removable.