The much requested, long awaited, and highly anticipated nib tuning video has been transformed into a LIVE On-Line Seminar!

Date: Saturday, April 27, 2013, at 10:30am Pacific Daylight Time

Nib Technician: Brian Gray, Edison Pen Co.
Hosts: Azizah Asgarali, Stephen Brown, Dan Smith, Eric Schneider

The Tweaks for Geeks Nib Tuning and Smoothing On-Line Seminar will be presented LIVE on Saturday, April 27, 2013, at 10:30am Pacific Daylight Time.


  1. Introductions, greetings, goals, disclaimer.
  2. Overview and demonstration of basic tine alignment and nib smoothing tools and techniques.
  3. Audience participation – get help with a problematic pen.

Nib Smoothing Notes
Download a copy of the Nib Smoothing Notes that Brian will use during the show.

Brian Gray will cover basic tine alignment and nib smoothing tools and techniques by using the following:

1. A Student Smoothing Kit
2. A Tri-Grit Buff Stick
3. A Loupe

If you’d like to follow along with Brian as he provides the overview tips and techniques and/or if you plan to request an invitation to participate, it would be a good idea to have the above tools on-hand.

The Student Smoothing Kit (which includes two practice pens) is available via
The Tri-Grit Buff Stick is also available via
The Loupe – well, you can use any loupe you like. Perhaps you already have one. If you need suggestions:
The loupe favored by Eric Schneider and Stephen Brown: HERE
The loupe favored by Brian Gray: HERE

How to Participate:
Anyone and everyone is invited to watch the program. The program will be streamed live to this very webpage (the one you’re reading now). The recorded program will become available as soon as the live program concludes.

If you would like to join the live seminar and discuss a specific pen, you’ll need:

  • To have requested an invitation
  • A Google or Gmail or YouTube Account
  • A webcam
  • A microphone
  • Headphones or Earbuds

Invitations must be requested in advance via email. To request an invitation, please send an email to:

If you have ever used Skype for a video call, you likely already have all the equipment you need.

The headphones/earbuds are important so that the voices of others in the seminar are not picked up by your microphone.

If you need a Google account, you can sign-up quickly and easily by clicking HERE and using the Sign-Up button in the top right corner of the page.

Please Note:
Having requested an invitation does not guarantee that you will participate in the seminar, it only guarantees that you will be on the list of potential participants. Actual invitations to join the seminar will be sent as time permits during the live broadcast and will go out in the order in which the requests were received.

Please use the comments section below to ask any question you might have so that the answer can assist others with similar questions.

Working on fountain pen nibs can be fun and rewarding but also involves RISK! Even when using extreme care, it is possible to COMPLETELY RUIN a fountain pen nib while working on it. Neither Fountain Pen Geeks nor anyone appearing on Tweaks for Geeks nor any person or company who may have sold you tools for nib work nor anyone else on the planet will be held accountable or liable for any damage you may cause a fountain pen or fountain pen nib. Neither shall anyone but YOU be responsible, accountable or liable for damage caused to fingers, eyes, tables, clothing or anything else. Should you wish to practice any tip or technique presented via Tweaks for Geeks, YOU AND YOU ALONE ARE COMPLETELY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL CONSEQUENCES.

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  • Roeland De Groot on Facebook

    cool, I can finally smoothen my brandnew 146 during the show ;-)

  • Maja

    Wow, what a great idea! Thanks in advance to Brian G. and the FPGeeks hosts for agreeing to do this. I’ll be tuned in :)

    • Carol1313

      ;-) Me too. Bolt of lightning on the logo! Sure-fire winner. Tune In– Tune Up– Geek Out

  • Jon Szanto

    This is an excellent project, one that should greatly benefit the pen community at large. To simply be able to go that last bit of difference in adding some smoothness to the nib, one that doesn’t require major working, will be a great aid to many. I look forward to this resource, personally and for all the pen users who take advantage of it.

    Should I leave my Dremel locked up? :)

  • Charles Barilleaux

    Great idea, but timing isn’t conducive for me. Will a replay be available?

    • edisonpenco

      My understanding is that the same as all the FPGeeks shows, this one will also be up on the FPGeeks site and also YouTube for everyone to watch at any time.

      • Laurel_Hardy

        Thanks for doing this. I really look forward to watching.

  • David H

    You should give your local time in terms of GMT(or UTC, same thing really) as it allows easy conversion to local times for most people, as they should know their time zones (i.e. I’m in Perth, Australia which is GMT+8) but I have to look up what “Pacific Daylight Time” means, which is apparently GMT-7, if you had written that instead of “Pacific Daylight Time” I would have been able to quickly go “that means I’m 15 hours ahead of you, which means the show is at 0130 Hours the next day for me and I won’t be able to watch it live”.

    But yeah nothing too critical, just a small thing you could do improve your awesome posts :)

  • fearlessleader

    A common problem I’ve seen are ink flow issues which are nib related, but not the nib itself – often seems to be that the nib and feed aren’t making enough contact to let the ink flow. I hope that you’ll have time to briefly cover feed-with-nib related issues e.g. bending the feed towards the nib. Thanks.

    • edisonpenco

      This is a topic that most likely will not be covered on this seminar, but fear not….I’m pretty sure that the plan is to keep this as a recurring show, so we can cover lots of topics over time, including this one.

  • Tim Marshall

    Excellent. The loupe recommended by Eric and Stephen however cannot be delivered (computer says) here in the UK which is a shame.

  • Ken Mc

    I think the loupe that Brian prefers is also on amazon. Just sayin’

  • inktronics blog

    I probably will not get to see the live broadcast but await the recorded version with much anticipation.

  • Mike Smukula

    What an absolute Fantastic idea! Way to go everyone involved……

  • Brian Cole

    Can’t wait. Got my order in from Richardspens.

  • Misha Erementchouk

    Thank you for the seminar. It was interesting and I’m looking forward for next from the series.

  • Carl Wood

    Thank you for a very informative work shop! Well done and good on ya!

  • S. Miller

    Thanks for doing this introductory show! This was right where I needed to start. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future shows.

  • Midg

    The seminar was very useful and fun. Thanks, Mr. Gray!

    • edisonpenco

      Thank you!

  • drgoretex

    Thoroughly enjoyed this, thanks!

  • OcalaflGuy

    Excellent! Enjoyable And informative, but I have one question Brian. I don’t mean to make this “Hey, this person does it different” deal but this Is kind of an elementary point. Mike Masuyama specific warns Against Figure Eights when smoothing as he says that can Cause baby bottoming. Circles either direction, or normal handwriting he does, but specifically Not the Figure Eight. Can you help clarify this? PS; Brian, you are a most excellent video presenter. Great job.

    • edisonpenco

      Thanks for the comments. Not doing figure-eights is new to me, but as stated in the seminar, I’m not claiming to be authoritative on this topic, and I’m always striving to learn more and more as I improve more and more. Hopefully, Mike Masuyama will be at the Chicago Pen Show this week. If so, I’ll ask him about this. I definitely respect Mike’s opinion, so I’ll take his response seriously, for sure. I’ll see about reporting back on the topic.

  • Hogyun Lee

    This was a landmark fpen management video – Thank you Brian Gray for doing it, and FPGeeks Eric, Dan, Stephen, Azizah, and staff for putting it together. Some fountainpen restorers in business might not like this.

    • edisonpenco

      Thanks! As far as pen repairers/restorers not being happy about this, I’m not aware of anyone that would disapprove. Simple tweaks like this will only lead to people enjoying their pens more and more, and buying more and more pens. And these will be pens that might need real repairs beyond a simply smoothing someday. My opinion, this can only help the hobby, as there’s lots of people out there who will breathe new life into their collection, and get even more fired up about pens!

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  • NDW76

    Thanks heaps for this seminar. Some of my good pens are not great pens and some of my great pens are now excellent pens. I just have one question. What is causing all of these nibs to go out of allignment? Are we doing some thing wrong, should be be avoiding something? OK, that was two questions.
    Thanks again. I look forward to future Tweaks for Geeks.

    • bgray43050

      Thanks! Under normal writing conditions, you are doing nothing to mis-align tines. If you bump the nib, drop the pen, etc, then you can create problems. And many times, the nibs just don’t come from the factory perfect for you personally. Remember that a fountain pen is a very subjective instrument. A nib that has been tuned perfectly to your hand may not feel great to another person. The nib and pen companies can’t possibly get it right for every person every time which why learning these skills can really enhance the hobby for you.

  • Ace

    I get using brass as a flossing tool but Brain suggested a auto shim which is typically steel. Wouldn’t steel scratch the inner surfaces of the tines? Especially for softer gold tines.

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