Congratulations to Brian Peterson on winning the March Giveaway!

There’s no stopping the FPGeeks Monthly Giveaways! For the month of March, thanks to La Couronne du Comte, you’ll have a chance at winning the newly released Pelikan M800 Tortoise fountain pen with your choice of nib size!
Be honest, you weren’t expecting this, were you? Do us a favor and please write your entry after you’ve stopped shaking from excitement.

You calm now? Good. Now go find something that’ll accept ink and scribble your entry on it. It can be toilet paper, Moleskine (nearly the same thing), tree bark, or good ol’ Rhodia. Just make it legible, please.

Very Important:
To be entered in the giveaway you must follow a few simple instructions:

1. Go to this page of the La Couronne du Comte website and find the special phrase.
2. Complete the special phrase by filling in the blank at the end of the sentence. (There is no correct answer. Just have fun with it!)
3. Mail us your hand written entry with the complete phrase to:

Fountain Pen Geeks
PO Box 728
Ankeny, IA 50021

All entries must be received by Sunday, March 31, 2013.
Only one entry per person, please.
The random draw to select the winner will be conducted during the first live FPtv broadcast in April.
You do not have to be watching the live broadcast in order to win.
As always, this is another FPGeeks famous Contest Without Borders and is open to anyone and everyone, world-wide.

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  • Mina


    And no, I haven’t stopped shaking yet…

  • Jason Parry

    That’s an incredibly generous giveaway. Many thanks to FPGeeks and La Couronne du Comte for putting this together.

  • Tim Hofmann on Facebook

    holy crap!

  • Marco

    Wow! Maybe there can be a poll as to how many entries there will be fore this? Over/under at 5,000????

  • edjelley

    Ugh. Can I cut all ties with just until the contest is over? Oh, how I want one of these..

  • redhairedwriter

    No words. I’m almost tempted to fly to IA, camp outside the FP Geeks postbox, and steal all other entries but my own… Thanks for such a great giveaway!!

  • inktronics blog

    Oh Man, I want.

  • skyppere

    Are these given out on a “need” basis? I mean I REALLY AND TRULY ***NEED*** one.

  • Emilio Villegas on Facebook


  • Will Platt

    what!!!!!?????? OH MY GOD!

  • Paul Svendsen

    That is one beautiful pen. If I win it, I will share it!

  • Laurel_Hardy

    My letter shall be in this evenings post.

  • William Anderson

    Yikes! Hang on I’m re-reading the blog post. Yikes! This is sensational! Here I thought the last few contests were generous. Oh my goodness. Well I’m off to the post office to get a stamp to post a letter to the USA.

  • DET

    Holy God!

  • Jackie Parkins

    Mine will be on its way to you tomorrow! What a fantastic giveaway!!

  • Ken

    What are you guys on ? That is positively post-penultimate !

  • ethernautrix

    I want the brown one. No, not the white one. The brown one. You know, if possible. The white one was the other one. This one, I want the brown one. Browny-brown brown one. Please. The brown one.

    • snedwos

      Hey, if they send me a white one instead, I won’t be complaining too loudly…

  • Scrib

    Holy moly!

  • The Ruffled Quill

    Well done La Couronne du Comte for donating this Fantastic prize! Entry on its way…..

  • L.M.

    Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Nice!

  • Tamara

    I am SHOCKED that either of you would part with one ;)

    • snedwos

      They wouldn’t, it’s been donated by a retailer. Who has something seriously, worryingly, but wonderfully wrong with him.

  • JustDaveyB

    A 2nd Pelikan M800 Brown Tortoise would be nice.

  • Cliff


  • Markus

    Awesome contest!!!

  • Lince

    Is this the best prize or what!!! Writing right away, but I am still shaking.

  • Mary Hanson on Facebook

    Shoot fire Uncle Dudley! I need that pen. . .

  • Steven Harkabusz

    Seeing this pen for the first time. Love it! Great prize for a giveaway.

  • Nicholas Gold

    gee willikers and golly gosh!

  • joi

    Very cool!

  • patricia landon

    pen is nice but not as wonderful as everyone’s response to my letters during incowrimo,feb,still getting responses!thanks again,you are all such nice people!

  • snedwos

    Letter sent! This is the first time I’ve managed to get an entry off without having to worry that it won’t arrive in time. Shows how much I want this!

  • Mike Smukula

    Man, I never win anything! Can’t I just win something like this just once? :-)

  • Paul Stephenson

    What a wonderful and generous giveaway. I have just started collecting fountain pens. Please Please
    can I have the pen with a fine nib.

  • HanryYang

    Will the winner be able to pick from any of pelikan’s nibs or just F-B? I see that The very generous folks at La Couronne du Comte have a wide selection of nibs available on their normal M800 fountain pens. Perhaps they would be willing to swap one out…

  • Julien

    Is the special phrase only thing that I need to write?

  • Julien

    Is the special phrase only thing that I need to write on the letter ?

  • Tchors

    Supremely Excited (As long as the tortoises are ok with it!)

  • Clucky1

    I must be dreaming….

  • Janet Faught

    That pen looks fantastic! Is a calligraphy pen nib available with it?

  • Angel

    Who won the pen?

    • Dan Smith

      Don’t know. We’ll announce the winner live on this week’s FPtv.

      • snedwos

        When will that be happening?

  • Mags

    Any word on a winner for this wonderful prize….pick me…pick me..

  • Abhishek Naik

    Who is the winner?