If Bryant Greer of Chatterley Pens ever wants me to buy a pen all he has to do is have it made in Delta’s Turchese Celluloid. I’m seriously struggling to keep my credit card tucked away. I believe it’s the most beautiful stuff I’ve ever seen. I purchased the Delta Turchese Dolcevita Stantuffo from him at the Chicago Pen Show several years ago simply because the celluloid was so gorgeous!

And here it is in the newly released Delta Fusion One. This is a limited edition fountain pen of only 18 pieces worldwide, all of which are turned by hand from solid bars of Italian celluloid.

The Turchese Fusion One is available with Delta’s new Fusion Nib in sizes EF-B, and Factory Stub. This pen fills via cartridge converter and comes with a MSRP of $650, but is available only through Chatterley Pens for $395.

For more information and images please visit Chatterley Pens.

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  • Edu Almeida

    Dan, you should take a look at the OMAS Bologna L’Acqua di Bologna. I bought the pen some months ago and I still can’t stop looking at it. It’s a beautiful shade of blue and green, just like the Bologna sea.

    • http://www.gourmetpens.com/ Azizah Asgarali

      Oh.. oh that Omas is on my wish list! Sigh.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1101682828 Jennifer Stevens on Facebook

    beautiful addition to any collection… wow

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=24802997 Tom Oddo on Facebook

    My sentiments exactly. That turchese celluloid is alluring in any shape or form.

  • snedwos

    Okay, I need this. And I’m not going to have it, because I’m not going to have any money til September. I want to cry.

  • http://www.gourmetpens.com/ Azizah Asgarali

    I’d buy this for the color alone. But also because I want Delta’s stub nib. Also because I really like limited edition pens. I need more kidneys.

  • Doug C

    Isn’t this the same celluloid Montegrappa uses for the Miya and a number of other pens? I agree, it is lovely.

    • RagingDragon


  • Aloysius Pang

    Reasonable priced for a lovely celluloid pen!