The well-known Lamy Al-Star has a new color to throw into the mix this year – well sort of a color anyway. This year, the special edition color is matte black.

Image from Lamy

You will find the usual high quality aluminum body, triangular Lamy grip, and on this here pen, you’ll get a matte black surface with a matching black clip. Nibs are available in stainless steel extra-fine, fine, medium, and broad, or 1.1 mm, 1.5mm, and 1.9mm italic nibs. The standard nib sizes are also available in black steel nibs, and certain retailers carry left-handed nibs as well. I think the black steel nib would be quite stealthy on this pen as well, don’t you? As always, nibs are interchangeable on the Al-Stars, and the fountain pens come with a Lamy blue cartridge to get you started, but are even better with a Z24 converter (available separately).

The limited special edition Lamy Al-Star black will be available as a fountain pen, roller ball, and ballpoint pen. See Lamy for more details. MSRP of the fountain pen is $47.60USD although you can usually find it around $37USD. Expected to arrive in the US late May 2013.

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  • Dmitry Melnichansky on Facebook

    Will it be your next giveaway?

  • Jackie Parkins

    That is one sexy pen.

  • Fountain Pen Geeks on Facebook


  • Tanja

    Oooh, I want it…

  • Thomas Pier

    Mine arrived today – with a stealthy black extra-fine nib. It’s already availiable in Germany. :)

  • Cliff Leath

    Yeah I am gonna have to get one of those.

  • Tim Hofmann

    been thinking about grabbing another Al-Star. This will be the one.

  • Kai S

    Finally, an Al-Star that really speaks to me. I’ll gladly join the club.

  • Grey

    Very Nice.

  • vhr5

    Hmmm… another fountain pen that I will have to place on my ever growing wish list!

  • sharkync

    Not that I really need to, but I will HAVE to get one of these. No doubt in my preferred 1.1 configuration.