Montegrappa Fine Writing Implements announces “Icons Tribute to Elvis Presley” Pens. The Elvis Presley series of pens will inaugurate Montegrappas second century. The pens will be featured in Montegrappa’s “Icons” series, which pays tribute to individuals who have achieved greatness in various fields, including music, movies, and sports.

There will be four models to represent important phases in Elvis’ career from 1954 to 1977. Each resin pen has a body color suggestive of each era, with silver accents representative of the period.

The 1950s will be represented by aqua, found on two-tone automobiles and early electric guitars. Montegrappa will release 500 fountain pens, 500 roller balls, and 956 ballpoint pens. For the gold edition, there will be seven of each type of pen – the total equaling 21, his age in 1956.

Youth Period. Image by Montegrappa.

Green marks 1958 as the year Elvis was drafted into the US Army. Montegrappa has prepared 500 fountain pens, 500 roller balls, and 958 ballpoint pens. The gold edition will be issued as 11 fountain pens, 11 rollerballs, and 11 ballpoint pens, totaling 33, which equals the number of films he made.

Army Period. Image by Montegrappa.

Black represents 1968 – the year of the “comeback special,” in which Elvis wore his famous black leather outfit. Montegrappa will issue 500 fountain pens, 500 roller balls, and 968 ballpoint pens. The gold version will be offered as 11 fountain pens, 11 rollerballs, and 11 ballpoint pens for a the total of 33, his age in 1968.

Comeback Period. Image by Montegrappa.

To represent 1973 – the year of the “Aloha From Hawaii” broadcast, white was selected. Montegrappa will produce 500 fountain pens, 500 roller balls and 973 ballpoint pens of this edition. The gold version will be released as 14 fountain pens, 14 rollerballs, and 14 ballpoint pens, totaling 42 in honor of his age when he passed away in 1977.

Las Vegas Period. Image by Montegrappa.

The 18K gold fountain pen nibs are engraved with the full-height profile of Elvis at the microphone, and will be available in fine, medium, and broad. Each pen will be accompanied by a CD of Elvis’ Greatest Hits.

The price of the Montegrappa Elvis Presley Aqua & silver LE fountain pen is $2,857.58USD. The Montegrappa Elvis Presley Black & silver LE fountain pen is $3,052.41USD. The Montegrappa Elvis Presley Green & vermeil LE fountain pen is $3,377.14USD. The Montegrappa Elvis Presley White & vermeil LE fountain pen is $3,896.70USD.

Article source: Fontoplumo.

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  • hsianloon

    wow…montegrappa are really overpricing these pens..i don’t think they’re a brand on par with the others that they can afford to charge that much. regardless, there will be buyers..

  • Tamara

    Really? Ick! Oh well, I love Italian pens, but there are also Aurora and Omas and Visconti and Stipula. I don’t want gimmicks. I want beautiful, well-made writing instruments.

  • JamesTiberiusKirk

    The really frustrating thing about all of these Italian manufacturers is that it almost diminishes the sincerity of their standard writing instruments.

    Montegrappa doesn’t need to do it. In terms of brand, they are one of the oldest, if not the oldest, italian pen manufacturer, and have consistently made good pens. Apparently, Hemmingway used them. With better focus, they could role the world. I really do mean it, their more standard pens are great, especially the piston fillers. Their colors are really beautiful in person, they provide an interesting alternative to many of the other pens in that price range.