Chatterly Delta Fusion 82 Green demonstrator limited edition fountain penI wasn’t very kind to Delta when they decided to create a demonstrator version of their Fusion 82 fountain pen, and while I’m not completely sold on Limited Edition Green Demo from Chatterley Pens as shown above, it is much more appealing than Delta’s take. It’d have be used as an eye-dropper only, of course, but there is the option of using the cartridge/converter if need be.

The Green Demo Delta Fusion 82 from Chatterley Pens is limited to only 18 pieces worldwide and comes with 5 available nib options: EF, F, M, B, and Stub. At $199, I don’t expect these pens to last long. Head to for more images and information.

You can also read our Awesome Review of the Delta Fusion 82 to see just how well it performs!

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  • skyppere

    what’s really interesting is that the material for the above demonstrator with green swirls is the same of a Stipula Passoporto that I have always wanted. it was one of the early editions and sold out before I got there… but the same clear with green swirls…

  • youstruckgold

    Come on; be nice to Delta. They’re really pushing the envelope with pens like the Fusion and they are certainly sparking my interest in way they haven’t before!