From what I’ve heard, the Delta Fusion 82 has been a popular fountain pen despite the gimmicky Fusion nib. Or maybe because of it. Anyway, Delta is capitalizing on its success by releasing the Fusion Demo Gift Set…don’t get too excited.

What they’ve done is replaced the largest, most beautiful part of the pen, the barrel, with a clear version so you can see the amazing awesome magical cartridge/converter filling system! Thank St. Nibbius that Delta at least made it possible to be used as an eyedropper. This really is a shame because the material Delta uses for these pens is truly stunning. I fell in love with the brown marble swirly resin in our Awesome Review and this was for a brown pen! I can only imagine how gorgeous the blue or fuscia is in person.

But that’s not all. In addition to the fountain pen the gift set also includes a Delta nonstop roller ball section. You can use the roller ball with the c/c filling system or in eyedropper mode, as well. You get all this packaged in a special gift box for the low, low MSRP of $395.

Check out for more info.

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  • Jackie Parkins

    I agree, it would have been much prettier without the clear barrel. I love the purple/fuchsia one.

  • Mike Waddington

    I don’t share the enthusiasm for “demonstrator” pens at all. On the other hand I do like detachable piston fillers – or “converters” as some would call them – perfect for quick cleaning, carrying spare ink cartridges and easily changing inks.
    Sadly, the Delta Fusion Demo is never going to be on my want list.

    • Dustin_Brown

      detachable piston fillers – or “converters” as some would call them

      You mean as everyone would call them? Who’s ever called a converter a detachable piston filler?

      Oh, they’re also perfect for limited ink capacity. Just saying.

      • snedwos

        Actually, limited ink capacity doesn’t bother me, I like to change inks far too often to get through a barrel-ful of any one colour. What I don’t like about CC fillers is that I have to take the pen apart to fill it.

  • Jon

    I chuckled at your headline because it is so true. I suspect that some people will want to turn it into an eyedropper filler, which will make the clear barrel somewhat useful. Too bad it that barrel couldn’t double as a lava lamp. That would be interesting. Hmm. Let me give that some thought.

    • Kai S

      Lava lamp! That’d make this a real Fusion!

  • Scrib

    Looks like what works for TWSBI — and even a little for Kaweco if you count the clear Classic — just doesn’t work for Delta. Maybe the pens look different when inked, but I’m thinking the original 82s will still look a lot classier.

  • kondro

    I’m all for Delta having a demonstrator but, I they definitely picked the wrong model to base it off.

    • Dustin_Brown

      Have you seen the Roma Demo? If you like large pens, it’d be tempting.

  • Greg Mitz

    This definitely hits the nail on the head in one!

  • Edward Collins

    I was looking at one in the flesh at a local pen shop and I am so tempted to buy one, sadly it’s out of my price range for now. The execution of the clear barrel is extremely nice and even with a humble converter it is practical in that you can easily gauge whether or not you should refill it before you head out the door without haven to unscrew the barrel.