Join Fountain Pen Geeks for a live broadcast / recording of our upcoming FPGeeks Podcast.

Hosts: Azizah Asgarali, Stephen Brown

Live Broadcast: Saturday, June 1, 2013 at 8:00am Pacific
We’ll banter. We’ll brag. We’ll gawk.
We might even touch on an interesting topic or two!

Contact Us:
phone: 415-685-GEEK (4335)

Mailing Address:
Fountain Pen Geeks
PO Box 728
Ankeny, IA 50021

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  • theflintman

    No Eric? Or Dan?

    • inBOIL

      It’s gonna be like Home Alone, or something. Stephen can set traps and imitate old movies, and Azizah can dance with some cardboard cutouts and … actually i don’t really remember the movie very well. She can hack Eric’s paypal and buy a buncha’ junk she doesn’t need. (Or maybe that was the second movie?–which i remember even less of.)

      Well, whatever. i just hope they go off script. Wayyyyy off.

      • theflintman

        Yup off script sounds great – while the cats away…

        • sbrebrown

          There never is much of a script anyway :-). Knowing Azizah and myself, there’ll be enough to talk about…

  • PenZen

    geeky humor, love it!!!

  • Jay

    Aziza, I use these to clean the bottom of my eyedroppers.

  • 82-Greg

    I think Steven should act like a 12-year old to see if he gets into a pen show for free!

  • castlegem

    Aziza, you might want to try drinking straw cleaning brushes (long thin brushes you can purchase to clean out straws) to scrub the inside of your barrel. I have an assortment of them that are very useful for pen cleaning.

  • Maja

    Great show, and happy belated birthday to Tyco the cat! Stephen–thanks so much for the cleaning tips. I
    use a narrow chopstick (not tapered) with a wet Kleenex wrapped around
    it, to clean my eyedropper-filling pens, but of course there are many
    other good suggestions in the comments section…..

  • strombomboli

    I am currently flushing an encrusted ink window with a solution of water and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) with very good results.

  • ken mc

    Azizah: I missed the first part of the FP TV and listened today. I would suggest getting an Apica CD notebook for your DC Pen Show trip. GREAT FP paper!