Montegrappa is releasing the third collection of pens in their very exclusive Genio Creativo series; this collection being one that honors Salvador Dalí. Dalí was a visionary who personified surrealism and was also a writer, filmmaker, and designer – a creative genius, really.

Several Dalí works served as inspiration for the Genio Creativo series, including The Persistence of Memory, Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening, The Temptation of St Anthony, and The Space Elephant. Elephants are a recurring theme as they are also present in the garden of the Gala Dalí Castle, in Púbol. There are elements of inspiration from Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s sculpture, the ‘Pulcino della Minerva’ as well. Montegrappa has designed the Salvador Dalí Genio Creativo series by transforming elephants portrayed ‘with long, multi-jointed, almost invisible legs of desire along with obelisks on their backs’ into miniature manifestations of Dalí’s art.

Montegrappa will release 1,000 sterling silver fountain pens and 989 roller ball pens, totaling 1,989 – the year that Dalí died. On this pen, the elephant embraces a barrel of Mediterranean blue celluloid. When the pens are opened, a quote from the autobiography, The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí, is inscribed on the sterling silver inner barrel.

There will also be 19 roller ball pens and 61 solid gold fountain pens, representing the year he created the 1961 jewellery, The Space Elephant. On this pen, the elephant embraces a barrel of malachite green.

The pens are packaged, appropriately, in an egg-shaped container, in recognition of another Dalíesque image. For the artist, the egg symbolised hope and love. Nibs are available in fine, medium, and broad.

The MSRP of the Salvador Dali Silver Fountain Pen is $5,750USD and $4,950 for the roller ball. The MSRP of the Salvador Dali Gold Fountain Pen is $86,000 and $90,500 for the roller ball. See Kenro for more information on these pens.

Article source: Fontoplumo.

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