delta dolcevita celluloid fusion fountain penI’m generally a big fan of what Delta has to offer. I own two Dolcevita Stantuffo fountain pens and was thoroughly impressed with the new Fusion 82, despite its fairy tale marketing material. But this new Dolcevita Fusion really just puts me off.

Exclusive to Fahrney’s Pens, the new Dolcevita Fusion fountain pen is a slightly modified Fusion 82. The big difference, besides the price, is the roller clip, cap band, and the orange celluloid barrel. These slight differences add up to a $260 premium over the Fusion 82, making the list price a mind-numbing $525!

The Dolcevita Fusion retains the resin cap, cartridge/converter filling system, and steel+gold Fusion nib. Fahrney’s is currently selling the new Dolcevita Fusion for $420 with your choice of XF, F, B, or Stub nib.

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  • Laurel Hardy

    That’s what happens to everything in DC. If it were part of our national budget you’d be delighted with a mere 100% mark up.

  • Tamara Fox on Facebook

    I’ve never liked the orange, but I know people do, and those people will probably keep paying what they ask.

  • jonro

    The only way pen manufacturers will stop their trend of increasingly customer gouging prices is if no one buys extremely overpriced pens like this one. I’m pretty sure I could find a Delta Dolcevita with a gold nib on eBay for about $300. Nice looking pen, though.

  • Benny

    I am glad to own the cheaper Fusion 82 with a stub nib. It’s pretty nice and smooth

  • neurosurgeon

    Delta does not decide what the list price should be. Fahrney’s Pens does, especially since this series of pens is exclusive to Fahrney only. It is incorrect to assume that Delta is solely responsible for the price markup.

  • Ryan Roossinck on Facebook

    Other than the clip, it doesn’t do much for me either.

  • Kai S

    $420~$525 for a steel nib pen (sure, with a piece of gold the market value of $10 or less “fused” on top)…

    Reminder to self: There are several reputable sellers who offer new old stock Visconti and Montegrappa with 18K gold nib at about half the price.

  • RagingDragon

    Well list price includes at least 3 layers of markup: manufacturer, distributor and retailer. If we assume each doubles the price (100% markup) then that additional $260 equates to a bit over $30 of materials and labour.

  • fabio

    Are they completely nuts? I got a hand-made Sailor Hakone Yosegi-Zaiku with solid gold nib for that same price!

  • Frank van Krieken

    The pen is available from several retailers in Europe for less than that, definitely when deducting the high European VAT. (the sliver cap band would have some price effect over the Fusion 82, next to the celluloid)

  • kcunvong

    Wasn’t the purpose of adding the fusion nib to keep these pens affordable? I love their original DolceVita line, but I am not sure how I fee about this new direction.