Faber Castell will be releasing the new Ambition Resin OpArt Curry fountain pen, which pays homage to one of the most iconic art forms of the sixties. The OpArt Curry radiates retro flair! Its slim barrel features a fine guilloche pattern, with the geometric lines and warm yellow-green spice colors creating an intriguing three-dimensional effect.

Image from Faber-Castell

The section and end pieces are made of highly polished, chrome-plated metal. The fountain pen will have a spring cap and a stainless steel nib.

The Ambition resin OpArt Curry will also be available as a ballpoint pen. Expected to arrive late summer 2013.

The MSRP of the Faber Castell Ambition Resin OpArt Curry fountain pen is $100.00USD. The MSRP of the ballpoint pen is $85.00USD.

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  • Edu Almeida

    The Faber-Castell Ambition has one of the most beautiful designs that I’ve seen lately. It’s a pleasure to write with it and also to know that it doesn’t cost all your money. This pen is one of my favorites. Actually two of my favorites. :]

  • Will Platt

    Looks cool!

  • Ns_Zhivago

    Silly question: the pen is meant to be gripped on the barrel and not the little bit of metal that passes for the section, right?

    Also, this looks like it would be a great pen to use R&K Alt-Goldgrün in.

    • Scribble Monboddo

      Yep, the section will be tiny – don’t grip that!

  • Scribble Monboddo

    …or, you could have exactly the same writing experience six times over (and still have change for a bottle of ink) by buying a few units of the F-C Basic. Same nib, much much lower price, doesn’t look a short section of garden hose. Mind you, their wooden barrels are fab.

  • A.J. Rosati

    I love Faber-Castell. I have the E-Motion in dark brown pear-wood barrel and the writing experience is amazing. Well worth the money and may have to look into adding to my collection with this.