Visconti is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year by releasing some fountain pens in new color/material combinations. We’ve already covered the Steel Age Homo Sapiens and Carbon Dream anniversary editions in detail. Now, here’s the rest of the list. Only 25 of each edition will be released worldwide.  Approximately 6 pieces of each will coming to the USA.

The Forbidden City 25th Anniversary Edition is black with Rose gold trim and comes in a Matte Black presentation box. MSRP $4,500.

Visconti Forbidden City 25th Anniversary fountain pen capped fpgeeks


The Taj Mahal 25th Anniversary edition is Ivory color resin with rose gold vermeil overlay and trim.  The original was ivory with yellow gold vermeil. MSRP $3750.

ViscontiTaj Mahal 25th Anniversary fountain pen capped fpgeeks

Visconti Taj Mahal 25th Anniversary fountain pen fpgeeks 1

The Van Gogh 25th Anniversary sets are trimmed in Yellow gold and feature the Visconti 25th Anniversary Logo on the top of each pen. The fountain pen set will retail for $3750, the rollerball set for $2950.

Visconti Van Gogh 25th Anniversary fountain pens fpgeeks Visconti Van Gogh 25th Anniversary fountain pen fpgeeks

The Divine Proportion 25th Anniversary Edition is the same as before with the exception it uses twice as much sterling Silver as the original limited edition.  (this is a design upgrade to keep the silver from pulling out). MSRP $3250.

visconti divine proportion fountain pen

The original Divine Proportion fountain pen.

The Carbon Dream 25th Anniversary Edition we already know about. MSRP $2850.

Is anyone else as disappointed as I am that Visconti isn’t releasing an actual new model for their 25th Anniversary?

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  • Tracy Lee Belford

    Yes, actually very disappointed. I have been waiting so patiently and this is not at all what I expected. Not that they aren’t lovely pens, but we already KNOW they are lovely pens. Putting a “25” on end cap just isn’t enough. I was hoping my #30 (of my collection) Visconti would be the magic “25th anniversary pen” but I will move on to other things now. Appreciate the list, though, very much.

  • Tracy Lee Crittenden Belford on Facebook

    Nice but . . . I expected more.

  • Fred Beiderbecke

    Any word on them releasing more of the Van Gogh pens individually? I really like them but buying them one at a time is better than shelling out the big chunk at once.

  • Ken

    I thought they could have added a 25th logo on all their pens this year not just a few.
    While I like the psychedelic vomit style of the barrels of the VanGoghs adding a gold band or clip isn’t much of a differentiation & shouldn’t it be reserved for the 50th anyway. The Dali is available with gold trim on a regular pen! Maybe the could use special cap gems for the 25th such as Tsavorite, Green Garnet.
    Seems odd they produce special editions at the drop of a hat look at the recent Chatterley LE Cosmopolitans* but not much effort for their own anniversary…..are the economic woes in Europe hitting that hard.

  • Tim L

    List doesn’t include the 25th LE Urushi