FPGeeks proudly presents May’s Bad Cartoon by FPGeeks’ Cartoonist Laureate, Tim Hofmann:

Bad Cartoons by Tim Hofmann are featured on the first Monday of each month.

Eddie-Manoeuver-ThumbnailEddie Manoeuver is Tim Hofmann. Tim is Chief of Evil Science at Clutterbomb, a private consulting firm. When he’s not doting on his wife and his daughter he’s probably making coffee or thinking about pens. Most of his cartoons are not suitable for consumption at all. He is pretending someone else is writing this.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/will.platt.39 Will Platt

    So basically, the BSB distracted the president from making an asteroid prevention program and caused an unnecessary end of the world? :)

    • http://manoeuver.blogspot.com/ Tim Hofmann

      I’m sure there was some half-baked asteroid legislation in that stack somewhere. Nobody notified the asteroid.

  • http://monkeyphotomcr.blogspot.com/ John_the_Monkey

    I KNEW IT!

    /goes to message boards

  • Vikram Shah

    Well that escalated quickly.