The Nakaya Small Sword/Gin Itomaki fountain pen is an interesting design, made in the image of a sword with thread wound around the body above the black hairline and finished in dark gray silver. The ebonite barrel of this pen has been made to fit the newly designed rolling sword stopper. The painted silver will change color over time.

Image from Nakaya

Image from Nakaya

This fountain pen is available with Nakaya’s usual options – a converter, a gold nib in a variety of sizes tuned to your writing style, a variety of nib plating options, and the option to further customize your nib should you wish.

Image from Nakaya

Image from Nakaya

The Nakaya Small Sword Stopper itself was made to meet popular demand for a rolling stopper in the motif of a small sword. While the Sword Stopper is found on the Gin Itomaki fountain pen in the images provided on Nakaya’s site, it can also be made for other pens as well. The silver body of the sword is first fumigated and blackened before the blade part is polished. The blackened part gets shinier as the pen is used, which brings out the silver color.


Image from Nakaya

The price of the Nakaya Small Sword/Gin Itomaki is $1,600. For more information, see Nakaya. The Small Sword Stopper will cost you $200. For more information, see Nakaya.

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  • AndyT

    This pen has “Attention: Stephen Brown” written all over it.

    • ray smith

      yes it do! that what I thought when i first saw it.

  • Tim Hofmann

    wait, so is the swordy thing some kinda clip or is it just to stop the pen from rolling off the hood of a taxicab or bulldozer?

  • Kai S

    I’m waiting for the longer sword version.