A bunch of you probably already own an Edison Beaumont pneumatic filler. If the Beaumont model wasn’t your thing, Edison is now offering the Huron, Glenmont, and Hudson models as pneumatic fillers.

A Huron in deep red swirl ebonite (image from Edison):

A Glenmont in sapphire flake (image from Edison):

The Huron, Glenmont, and Hudson are larger than the Beaumont. All four are currently available for order. The Huron Grande and Morgan models may be available as pneumatics, contact Edison if you are interested in those models as pneumatic fillers.

The Huron, Glenmont, Hudson, and Beaumont models are part of Edison’s Signature line, which you can browse on Edison’s site. Pneumatic fillers are $350USD with a steel nib, and are $450USD with an 18K gold nib.

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