Nathan has released a few images of the new ebonite Konrads he’ll be bringing to the New England Pen Show, in addition to the treasure trove of goodies he’s already mentioned.

noodlers ebonite konrad fountain pen Sahara Ripple

Noodler’s Ebonite Konrad fountain pen in Sahara Ripple

noodlers ebonite konrad fountain pen Rebellion Ripple

Noodler’s Ebonite Konrad fountain pen in Jade Pine Cone pictured with non-flexible nibs.

noodlers ebonite konrad fountain pen Methuselah’s Pine Cone

Noodler’s Ebonite Konrad fountain pen in Methuselah’s Pine Cone

The ebonite Konrad is a piston-filling fountain pen that comes with a steel semi-flexible nib and sells for $40. Many users have complained of poor performance with the flex nib and have swapped them out with rigid, non-flexible steel nibs. It looks like Noodler’s is trying remedy that problem with their own non-flexible nibs that will be available at the New England Pen Show and will even come with any pen purchased at the show.

The new nib and the 3 new colors of ebonite should be available from retailers very soon.

Source: Noodler’s Ink

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    • somegai

      Doubled? Not really.
      That model has always been $40

  • Syed Ali

    I’m a bit confused on the naming. I bought my Konrad Ripple Ebonite pens from the Goulets, the Khaki and black design was featured there as “Sahara Grey”. The reddish brown and black ripple design was featured as “Rebellion Red”. And there was a third design called “Dixie #10″ which is ver similar to sahara grey but with a black cap and also blind cap is black as well.

    Here the brown red black ripple is called Methuselah’s Pine Cone, and the rebellion ripple design is the green ripple instead.

    Does anyone have the difinitive names for each design, or are they called different things at different places.

    • MrsGouletPens

      I think some of the labels may be incorrect in this post.

      The green pine cone in the second picture is called “Jade Pine Cone” (as per my invoice from Noodler’s).

      The other two images, I believe, are labeled correctly. Methuselah’s Pine Cone is a darker brown version as compared to the Rebellion Red. The Rebellion Red is a reddish brown/black ripple design, not pictured in Nathan’s video. These were released a while ago. The Sahara isn’t new, but has been released in limited batches over the last 6 months or so.

      We’ll get our own pictures of the newest colors up on our site tomorrow, most likely.

      Hope that helps!

      • Dan Smith

        It looks like the source page from Noodler’s has been updated with the correct name. That’s where I originally got the info from.

        • MrsGouletPens

          No worries! :)