OMAS renews its partnership with Automobili Lamborghini through an homage to the 50th anniversary of this famous car manufacturer, headquartered in Bologna.

Further to the more institutional 2009 Limited Edition and the 2011 one, dedicated to the Aventador model, both based on the OMAS 360, the 2013 Limited Edition is a genuine tribute to the deeper essence of Automobili Lamborghini. The model is based on an original hexagonal shape, which is a symbol of Automobili Lamborghini production. It is used in several car details and components and is extremely original and plucky.
omas lamborghini 50th anniversary fountain pen

The cropped ends make the exclusive and unique shape even more amazing, and give it a streamlined and light style. The Omas Limited Edition fountain pen is made entirely of Titanium as is the nib and the roller ball tip.

Titanium, which is a noble and natural material and very difficult to machine, belongs to OMAS tradition and know-how. It has been embellished with a PVD treatment and matte trim. An homage to the most distinctive stylistic features of the car manufacturer. The Automobili Lamborghini logo is engraved on the barrel, which is characterized by a unique contrast between the black PVD and the lighter engraving.

The top of the cap and the knob are adorned with a hexagonal Forged Composite® insert, the revolutionary carbon fiber technology developed by Automobili Lamborghini after a long research to obtain the best performances and the more elaborated shapes. The 50th anniversary logo is hand-engraved on the top of the cap, OMAS logo and numbering on the knob.

The nib is embellished with the classic OMAS arrow drawing. The original clip, made of Titanium as well, is a further homage to the hexagonal shape. The box of this Limited Edition is modern and minimalist, made of plexiglass and adorned with the logos Automobili Lamborghini and 50th anniversary.

Numbered and Limited Edition made up of 500 converter/cartridge Fountain Pens and 500 Roller Balls will be available at a list price of $2400, street price $1920.

OMAS Lamborghini Fountain Pen
• Length: 147,2 mm
• Max. diameter: ø 18,00 mm
• Nib: – OM81 in Titanium with the classic OMAS arrow drawing engraved – available sizes: F – M
• Feed: ebonite ø 6.50mm with 2 capillaries
• Ink capacity: 0.80 ml

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  • puru

    what’s the sane point of making a fountain pen with retail price of $2000 ? Disgrace to 99.9999999999 % of fountain pen users.

    • Duro

      What’s the point of making a car worth 200 000$? Disgrace to 99.999999% of car owners

  • Will Platt

    cartridge/converter?????? No!

  • kondro

    I’m not sure I could own a pen with that branding plastered all over it. Whether I own a Lamborghini or not.

    At least Porsche let the design of their products stand on their own merits.

    • Dan Smith

      Plastered all over it? It says “Automobili Lamborghini” in one spot. This Omas Lambo is far less offensive than some of their other offerings.

      Also, Porsche is not the same as Porsche Design, who’s responsible for the pens.

      • kondro

        It’s a pretty big logo in my opinion – half the length of the pen barrel.

        And Porsche Design is a 100% subsidiary of Porsche AG.

        • Dan Smith

          So you want a pen designed to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of something to not have their logo on it? Or just have it really small? While it might be half the length of the pen barrel, consider it’s integration into the entire pen. It’s about 1/5th the length of the uncapped pen and done in a mild grey color. Considering it’s a 50th Anniversary pen for a company who’s known for being ostentatious, this design is downright subtle.

          To be 100% accurate, Porsche Design Studio is a subsidiary of Porsche AG. Porsche Design is a brand comprised of productions designed by PDS, who also designs products for other companies. There’s also the Driver’s Selection by Porsche Design, which is brand of car-related products. Porsche Design as a brand is not representative of Porsche AG.

          Comparing the design of a pen for a car company by and Italian pen company to a pen designed by a German design house owned by a car company is like comparing apples and oranges. Yeah, you can do it, but there’s really no point.

  • Nicholas Yeo

    At least they bothered with a titanium nib, unlike a certain other brand which placed a chrome nib on their automobile inspired pen!