Here’s an interesting one from Pelikan… no, it’s not a beautiful tortoiseshell… it’s a book: Pelikan – The Brand. How the baby bird got into the nest, and how many when – the new insider book.

Pelikan is celebrating the 175th anniversary of its foundation. To mark the occasion, Pelikan is publishing this book which traces the development of the Pelikan trademark and brand. The book includes new discoveries from the Pelikan archive, including unknown letters from the originator of the brand, Günther Wagner, to his successor Fritz Beindorff, as well as the original Wagner family coat of arms.

You will also find the story of the Pelikan brand’s sign changing with the times. The whole book is elaborately designed and copiously illustrated.

The price of Pelikan – The Brand is 29,99 €. For more information, see Pelikan.

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  • Dirck in Saskatchewan

    Well, that’s definitely going on the Goodreads “to read” shelf.

    • Dan Smith

      I’ve got a copy on the way. Should be here next week.

      • ElEsquire

        Does this mean we can look forward to FPGeeks reviewing fountain pen related books?

        • Dan Smith

          Wouldn’t be the first time.

  • Josephine

    The book looks to be in English, but only available through German Amazon? Or am I missing something, would be easier to order from a more local source!

    • Dan Smith

      You’re right. I did complete the checkout fairly easily with the help of Google Translate. Only took a few more minutes than it would have otherwise.

  • hilary edwards

    Is this book written in English or German, does anyone know? Available through Amazon UK

    • Dan Smith

      Written in English.