One piece: the Porsche Design 3135 fountain pen is named “Solid” as it is milled from one piece of massive Titanium. The unbroken, pure outline gives the fountain pen a unique shape and matches perfectly to the 18 carat gold nib. This special gold nib is completely rhodinized and represents Understatement and Elegance. The Porsche Design icon is embossed at the top of the nib. The barrel is precisely milled, polished and finally covered with a scratch resistant PVD coating.

This pen is characterized by its hidden mechanism inside the barrel. If you press the button at the end of the fountain pen and turn the small end piece, the complete mechanism can be removed to fill the converter.The fountain pen as such is capless, it is covered by an additional case which is made out of aluminum and protects the fountain pen during transportation. The Porsche Design logo decorates the case of the fountain pen and the Porsche Design icon is embossed at the top of the small part of the case.

The Porsche Design P’3135 Solid fountain pen is available with a F, M, or B nib and measures 14.9cm long, weights 47gr, and has a cross sectional diameter ranging from 8 to 9.7mm. It currently lists for $1250.

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  • Bob

    Interesting piece but I always wonder about “Porsche Design”. I don’t know what that really means. Who is the maker? I doubt the automobile company makes pens as well. Regardless the styling is cool but at north of $1200 I’ll have to pass. Thanks for the view though



  • Will Platt

    So the converter also accepts cartridges?

  • Andrea Kirkby

    What a waste. A pen with the simplicity and elegance and understatement of the Lamy 2000 – and they couldn’t engineer a piston fill? I would have thought Porsche knew a thing or two about precision engineering….

  • cantbebothered

    “scratch resistant PVD coating”
    Yeah I don’t think so.

    Are these porchies made by Pelikan too?

    • Esteban

      PVD coatings do last several years! Think of them as “paint” but on the molecular level. I’ve had a watch with black PVD for about 8 years and only recently the PVD is starting to “unpaint” around the hard edges.

  • Don

    A Pilot Myu 701 has the same kind of aesthetic without the price tag.

  • kondro

    This pen could only ever be used for long writing sessions as “capping/uncapping” this pen seems very arduous. Unless the nib stays magically wet when you put it down from thought-to-thought.

  • PQ

    saw the pen in person. very nicely built, and quite long. however, it’s really just a toy pen – not practical to use as it has no cap. would be a nice signature pen or a conversation starter, but i can’t see someone using it at work (unless that person’s work involves long periods of writing).