One piece: the Porsche Design 3135 fountain pen is named “Solid” as it is milled from one piece of massive Titanium. The unbroken, pure outline gives the fountain pen a unique shape and matches perfectly to the 18 carat gold nib. This special gold nib is completely rhodinized and represents Understatement and Elegance. The Porsche Design icon is embossed at the top of the nib. The barrel is precisely milled, polished and finally covered with a scratch resistant PVD coating.

This pen is characterized by its hidden mechanism inside the barrel. If you press the button at the end of the fountain pen and turn the small end piece, the complete mechanism can be removed to fill the converter.The fountain pen as such is capless, it is covered by an additional case which is made out of aluminum and protects the fountain pen during transportation. The Porsche Design logo decorates the case of the fountain pen and the Porsche Design icon is embossed at the top of the small part of the case.

The Porsche Design P’3135 Solid fountain pen is available with a F, M, or B nib and measures 14.9cm long, weights 47gr, and has a cross sectional diameter ranging from 8 to 9.7mm. It currently lists for $1250.

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  • Bob

    Interesting piece but I always wonder about “Porsche Design”. I don’t know what that really means. Who is the maker? I doubt the automobile company makes pens as well. Regardless the styling is cool but at north of $1200 I’ll have to pass. Thanks for the view though



  • Will Platt

    So the converter also accepts cartridges?

  • Andrea Kirkby

    What a waste. A pen with the simplicity and elegance and understatement of the Lamy 2000 – and they couldn’t engineer a piston fill? I would have thought Porsche knew a thing or two about precision engineering….

  • cantbebothered

    “scratch resistant PVD coating”
    Yeah I don’t think so.

    Are these porchies made by Pelikan too?

    • Esteban

      PVD coatings do last several years! Think of them as “paint” but on the molecular level. I’ve had a watch with black PVD for about 8 years and only recently the PVD is starting to “unpaint” around the hard edges.

  • Don

    A Pilot Myu 701 has the same kind of aesthetic without the price tag.

  • kondro

    This pen could only ever be used for long writing sessions as “capping/uncapping” this pen seems very arduous. Unless the nib stays magically wet when you put it down from thought-to-thought.

  • PQ

    saw the pen in person. very nicely built, and quite long. however, it’s really just a toy pen – not practical to use as it has no cap. would be a nice signature pen or a conversation starter, but i can’t see someone using it at work (unless that person’s work involves long periods of writing).

  • Jon

    I just got one for $700. It’s twice the pen the pilot myu, m90 pens will ever be and it’s spectacular. As for it uncapping, it comes with an aluminum case, which I keep in a pouch when it goes on the road with me. That means, that unlike the pilot pens, it won’t scratch from posting. The nib flows reasonably well (medium nib for me), and it looks far better in the hand than in pictures. You could complain about the ink mechanism, but for me, it just offers flexibility. The pen feels amazing in the hand and feels very light for its size, surprisingly so, initially. I have to say that I’d rather have this one pen over most of the collections of plastic I see other people with. It’s plasma-coated, comes with a very nice case, and is way over-engineered for a pen. Perfect for me. I don’t want to replace my pen every few years.

    • http://fpgeeks.com/ Dan Smith

      Thanks for the feedback! And congrats on a great purchase!

      • Jon

        It’s my pleasure Dan! If you buy one, you won’t be disappointed. I’ve used those Pilots before. No comparison. Let me know if you want to know anything else about it. Just as an aside, the nib is 18k gold, but it’s not a flex nib. I want one more pen. I want a Jack Row city pen. That might be too much, but I’m curious to know, what’s your take on it? http://www.jackrow.com/city_collection.htm It’s always great meeting open-minded people like yourself.

        • http://fpgeeks.com/ Dan Smith

          I’m a huge fan of Jack’s work. i haven’t handled the City Pen, but I have reviewed his Mirage and really enjoyed it. You can find the review here: http://fpgeeks.com/2014/09/jack-row-mirage-fountain-pen-review/

          • Jon

            Thank you! I wasn’t aware of that as I’m new on this site, but there is something I wanted to ask you, and that’s regarding the longevity of silver. I would only be in the market for the pen that he offers for $3,000, as I just can’t go over that for a fountain pen, as much as I’d like to, but my question to you is, is it true that silver deforms over time, and is silver a material that you’d consider at the price of $3,000 with little else besides black sapphires? With the Porsche one of the strong points for me was it’s longevity with its plasma coating and titanium construction, but how does silver hold up in your experience?

            • http://fpgeeks.com/ Dan Smith

              Well, let me welcome you to FPGeeks! Please don’t hesitate to comment on anything you have an opinion of. I’m always interested in hearing others’ perspectives on pens and reviews.

              I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a solid silver pen. I can’t image a situation where its “softness” would be an issue. It might pick up dings or dents easier than a pen made from titanium, but I don’t think it’ll be in the kind of environment where that’ll be a problem.

              …is silver a material that you’d consider at the price of $3,000 with little else besides black sapphires?

              I think you need to look at the whole pen and determine if it’s worth it to you instead of focusing so much on a single component. Regardless of one’s income level, $3000 is a lot for a writing instrument and you should be sure you’re going to be perfectly satisfied with your decision.

              • Jon

                Thank you, very much! I hadn’t seen your reply till just now. You’re absolutely right in that $3,000 is a lot for a pen and I decided against it, much to my chagrin, but my wife would have killed me I think. As it is, my next pen is down to either a Porsche Design p3110 fountain pen in black or a gold version of the p3135 also from Porsche Design. Having purchased this one already, I’m leaning toward the black one, though. I read your article on that pen and I have to say that I feel the same way about it! What you have to realize about the black version, which I’m not sure if you were aware of, is that it’s not simply black paint, but rather a black PVD coating. I have the ball point version of that pen (don’t kill me) and I quite like the aesthetic. In fact, that pen is what led me to my new fascination for fountain pens! As an aside, your video reviews on YouTube are great and your feedback always helpful and much appreciated. Thank you. I look forward to further familiarizing myself with the fountain pen community!

      • Allan E. Knight Jr.

        Hey Dan I’m very interested in this pen. But I am curious about one thing. Since it has no cap, I wander if it has been engineered in such away as to keep the nib from drying out. Jon, can you shed any light on this? Thanx guys

        • http://fpgeeks.com/ Dan Smith

          I can’t say as I’ve not had the pleasure of using one.

          • Allan E. Knight Jr.

            At the top of the post, it says by Dan smith. I thought that meant you had reviewed it. My mistake. I hoped you might at least venture a guess. Sorry for the inconvenience.

            • http://fpgeeks.com/ Dan Smith

              Yes, I published this post but this is not a review, it’s just a product announcement.

        • Jon

          I’m sorry that I didn’t get your message earlier. Disqus hasn’t been sending me e-mail notifications. As much as I love this pen, it will dry out if you don’t keep it in its case. It’s honestly not so practical and as some have suggested, it may not be your best daily-use pen. But I think that you know what you’re paying for here; not really practicality but rather its form. It’s a great looking pen that always gets noticed, but it isn’t terribly practical in that it will dry out.

          • Allan E. Knight Jr.

            Thanx, Jon. I figured as much. It certainly wouldn’t be an EDC pen. I’m gonna go ahead and get it anyway. I really like the way it looks. I’ll just have to remember to put it back in its case when I use it.

            • Jon

              Trust me when I say that you won’t regret it. The whole thing just screams precision craftsmanship and it truly is a grail pen. You will be happy! Personally, while I realize that Porsche Design outsources its work to Pelikan, I really do like Porsche Design branded writing utensils. They represent functional design at its best.

              • Allan knight

                Thanx, Jon. I’m looking forward to it. Speaking of Grail pens; I have the Cisconti Pininfarina. But I’m starting to notice a few very small hairline cracks where the tiny screws are. When I get the Solid I’ll post up a few pics.

                • Jon

                  Here are a few photos for you. Let me know if there’s anything you want to know about it.

                  • Guest
                  • Guest

                    [url=https://flic.kr/p/q5jGi9][img]https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7574/15801475986_173d99e1ba_s.jpg[/img][/url][url=https://flic.kr/p/q5jGi9]imgo[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/people/129489831@N04/]jevjnd2010[/url], on Flickr

  • Jon

    I’m terrible sorry about posting so many times, but I actually didn’t mean to at all. Disqus doesn’t like me :(.

  • Allan E. Knight Jr.

    I’m so excited. I’m gonna get this pen. I’m getting it with a medium nib. I don’t mind it not having a cap. Heck, I’ve probably got over 40 pens that have never been inked. I’ll let every one know what I think of it

    • Jon

      I really hope that you love it as much as I have so far. The nib is absolute silk. It is a bit broad at a medium nib, which is what I got, but there’s nothing about this pen that isn’t worthy of being a grail pen. Cheers, my friend.