sailor king of pens Chiku-rin fountain pen“CHIKU-RIN” – bamboo
King of Pens Limited edition – only 33 pieces worldwide

The bamboo penetrates the earth and grows upright into the sky with great force and flexibility. The bamboo gives us the feeling of great dignity and beauty. The thoughts of the tall bamboo groves swaying gracefully in the wind take us to another place of peace and tranquility.

The Asian bamboo culture has been strong since ancient times and it has profound cultural significance especially in Japan where bamboo is the source of beauty, strength, morality and dignity. Many traditional Japanese Waka (songs) and Haiku (poems) are dedicated to this extraordinary plant.

The Sailor ‘King of Pens’ model is a perfect choice for Mr. Wataru Kurotobe (the Kyou Urushi artist) to craft his “CHIKU-RIN” masterpiece. Using the traditional special Urushi lacquer techniques of “Mijimgai-togi” & ”Kanshitsuko-toji” combined with “Aogai” – the distinctive colours of Urushi lacquer come together to create the “CHIKU-RIN” to portray the peace and tranquility within the bamboo groves.

Maki-e Process

Urushi lacquer is painted onto a glass strip, allowed to dry and then ‘scraped off’ the glass and crushed into a powder. The Urushi powder is then graded into different sizes. The Urushi powder is sprinkled onto a Naka-nuri lacquer coating, allowed to dry and then the process is repeated. The techniques of ‘Mijingai-Togi and ‘Kanshituko-Togi’ are used to create the rich colour gradation. The Abalone shell is then applied to the mid barrel section to create the ‘bamboo ’ design and burnished. This technique is called “Aogai”.

The Abalone shell (bamboo design) is applied the mid barrel section. After the Naka-nuri coating, dried Urushi powder is sprinkled onto the surface with small shell pieces. This stiffens the Naka-nuri coating. The Urushi lacquer is allowed to dry, and then it is coated with a Green Urushi lacquer. The surface is then coated with layers of Green Urushi lacquer. After drying the surface is polished with a whetstone to create the gradation. The process is repeated several times. The surface is then burnished (smoothed) using the Doh-Suri technique. Then Ki-Urushi (raw urushi) lacquer is applied, allowed to dry and the process is then repeated twice. This completes the Roiro-Migaki process producing a high gloss finish.

The Sailor King of Pen Chiku-Rin Fountain Pen is available at a list price of $4,348, Street Price of $3,478.

sailor king of pens chiku rin fountain pen uncapped

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  • Robert

    I’d buy 4 Danitrio Mikados for the price of this.

  • Don

    I wonder how many people, not having seen the advertising copy, would look at this pen and think “It must represent bamboo!”