The new color added to the affordable, colorful Sailor Procolor range is the Summer color – Uchimizu Translucent Blue. Other than this new lovely blue color, the Procolor 500 series features a resin body in a choice of turquoise, beige, red, and purple.


The Uchimizu Translucent Blue Procolor fountain pen features a silver colored titanium gold-plated steel nib and a nickel chrome-plated clip and cap band. The Procolor 500 is available with a fine nib and comes with a cartridge/converter filling system.

998242_600652896645955_1652412309_nThe Procolor Uchimizu Translucent Blue is available to order now and deliveries will begin in July 2013. The Procolor can be seen at Andy’s Pens. The price of the fountain pen is £55.00 / $85.00USD.

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  • Jackie Parkins

    Pretty! I love translucent pens.

  • Jack Dugrew

    Love it. Got to get one to add to my Demonstrator collection!

  • AndyT

    I do like the idea of a “silver colored titanium gold-plated steel nib”. :-)

    • snedwos

      I was going to say… does this mean that gold-plating of steel nibs is anything other than cosmetic? I suppose it helps to avoid corrosion…

      • AndyT

        Well, I was being a bit facetious about the description, but what I’d guess is going on here is a three layer process: titanium nitride, gold and a top layer of titanium. Very durable, though of course you’d expect the only part to experience any mechanical wear to be the iridium tipping. Gold is impervious to attack from ferro gallic inks, so all told it sounds like a good belt and braces approach: should last for ages.

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