Humans have always had a fascination with the stars and heavenly constellations. As such, Sailor continues its Seasons Under The Stars series with the second limited edition piece in the collection – the “Spring” maki-e fountain pen. This particular piece is limited to 28 pieces worldwide. Maki-e artist Ikki Moroike combined landscapes and skyscapes at night to depict the most famous constellations visible in the nights skies of each of the four seasons.


These beautiful designs are applied to the King of Pens ebonite product and specially fitted with a 21K solid gold nib in medium or broad, offering writing perfection. These pens fill by cartridge/converter. Please note that these pens are usually made to order, and can take up to two or three months for delivery. They are occasionally in stock at Sailor UK, please inquire with Andy’s Pens if you’re interested. The Seasons Under The Stars: Spring Limited Edition fountain pen sells for £4,536 ($7306). The Spring Limited Edition piece will be available in late June.


See Sailor’s Season Under The Stars: Winter Limited Edition piece, the first in the collection.

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  • Tamara


  • redhairedwriter

    So beautiful!!! I love these.

  • Ken

    Cool! I just checked my pockets, and what do you know – found $7306 in loose change!

    Seriously, beautiful artwork, but over $7000 worth? Not sure…

    • Azizah Asgarali

      You’d need a group buy for a pen like this, right? I often wonder if people actually buy these, and if they are, where I can find them and steal their pens.

      • Jonas

        And do they ever write with them…