Conid fountainbel bulkfiller demonstrator fountain penConid is announcing their second run of the Fountainbel Bulkfiller in multiple styles.

There will two models available: the Streamline and the Sleek. The differences between the two, as shown above, are subtle. The Sleek’s design utilizes a larger barrel than the Streamline’s and creates a smooth transition from barrel to cap. The trade off is that there will be a larger jump from the section to the barrel.

If the all clear demonstrator isn’t your thing, then you can get the Black Conid Bulkfiller with Demonstrator Barrel as shown below:

Conid fountainbel BCB SLEEK DB 003 UNCAPPED 003 fountain pen

Both the Sleek and the Streamline will be limited to 60 unique units and has a unique number from FPR (first production run) 01/60 to FPR 60/60. The Conid Fountainbel Bulkfiller Demonstrator starts at €425 with a steel nib, and options for a titanium or 18k gold nib are available. You can completely customize your order using the configurator below.

For more information and to order yours, please email Werner Helsen at

conid configurator

For more information you can view the original Bulkfiller flat-top model and also read our Awesome Review.

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  • Will Platt

    Twsbi mini on steroids

    • Dustin_Brown

      That has to be the worst analogy I’ve ever seen.

      • Will Platt

        You’re right. I was simply playing off the fact that the color scheme on one of these new bulk fillers is the same as the Mini classic.

    • fountainbel

      Note the bulk filler filling system is completely different to Twsbi

  • nibskoff

    Almost $600 for a steel nibbed pen? I could get what, ten TWSBI’s for that. The blind cap looks like a butt plug

  • EveryPenny

    I prefer the flat top version, but my these are nice all the same. It would be nice to see this filling mechanism in a more affordable body.

  • miatapaul

    At that price and all they offer is fine and med? Does not make much sense to me.

    • Dan Smith

      If you check out those two links I included at the bottom of the post, you’ll learn why the pen cost as much as it does and it should start to make a little more sense.

      • Marc Bloom

        And how does that stop them from buying Broad nibs?

        • Dan Smith

          It’s a numbers game.

          Most nib suppliers require a minimum order. Based on the number of pens Conid sells and the number of requests they’ve received for Broad nibs, I’m guessing it’s not cost effective to offer them.

          I’m sure they could order a bunch of Broad nibs to appease the few who want them, but then they’d have a huge stock that they’ll never use and would probably have to raise the price of the pen to make up for it.

          Please keep in mind that this is just speculation on my part and I’m not actually speaking for Conid.

          • fountainbel

            Hi Miatapaul and Marc,
            Just as Dan suggested, Bock requires a minimum order of 100 gold nibs, 500 in titanium and even 1000 nibs in steel.
            Given the early production stage of the Bulk filler and the limited number of interesest for broad or OB nibs, these are actually not available…. yet.

            Conid actually offers EF, F, M, OM and 1.1 Stub nibs in the three materials.


  • Michel_de_Montreal

    Maybe one day…. I’m eyeing that Matte Black Flat top….

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