visconti Carbon Dream 25th Anniversary Fountain Pen

The Visconti Carbon Dream 25th Anniversary limited edition fountain pen, in honour of Visconti’s anniversary in 2013, is a collaboration between Visconti and Carbon Dream, the renowned Italian maker of racing materials. The fine carbon fiber weaving has been cut into the characteristic design of the Ripple – Visconti’s iconic demonstrator. Transparent resin under the filigree lets you catch a glimpse of the famous Visconti Double Reservoir Power Filler. All metal parts are turned on a lathe in grade 5 titanium and ruthenium plated.

The ruthenium plating gives the 25th Anniversary Carbon Dream a sinister look. Just look at the difference it makes when compared to the original Carbon Dream:


The original Visconti Carbon Dream fountain pen.

Carbon Dream 25th Anniv 2

Visconti Carbon Dream 25th Anniversary fountain pen

The Visconti Carbon Dream 25th Anniversary fountain pen comes with a 23 kt Dreamtouch palladium nib (medium), is limited to only 25 pieces and comes in an outstanding Visconti box with carbon inkwell.

visconti Carbon Dream 25th Anniversary Fountain Pen and inkwell

La Couronne du Comte is one of the exclusive dealers who are authorised to sell this highly limited edition fountain pen by Visconti. It’s currently available for € 2,200. Coles of London will importing approximately 6 of these pens into the US at a MSRP of $2850.

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  • kondro

    Is the 2010’s the decade of stealth pens?

    This very nice.

  • JustDaveyB

    Price is almost reasonable for a run of 25 only

  • Rachel

    So cool…so cost prohibitive.

  • Masud Haq

    Was able to get one of these, #15 of 25. Amazing pen!

  • giovannalj

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