twsbi diamond 580 fountain pen colors
TWSBI is experimenting with some fun new colors for the Diamond 580 fountain pen. Instead of creating a colored demonstrator, like with the 540s, TWSBI is using the color style of the Mini Classic to create opaque caps and matching piston knobs. I’m still waiting for confirmation on whether or not the section is similarly colored. I pray that it is. Philip from TWSBI has just confirmed that the section will be the same color as the cap and piston knob. However, any colored 580s that will be released will come out after the black and rose gold version. Also, not every color shown above will make it into production.

What do you think of the colors? The orange and blue jumped out at me immediately with the red an intriguing option, as well. Of course, I have to reserve final judgement until I see them in person. At which point I’d likely buy all five. Oy.

No word on if these will actually go into production or when they might be available.

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  • Mark Insertgenericband Roach

    Very interesting! I agree with you dan the orange is really nice but I think you may have overlooked the red though!

    P.S. Also hoping for the coloured section…

    • Dan Smith

      Post has been updated with more info from Philip. Looks like the section will be the same color as the cap and piston knob.

      • Mark Insertgenericband Roach

        That’s great to hear Dan. Looks like I’ll be having a new pen soon.

  • The Scribbler

    I’m kinda luke-warm about all of these. I really regret not picking up a green 530 demo back in the day and keep hoping they will come back with a green demo in something.

  • ★ keri ★

    Yellow! That is the best yellow – not too bright, but still warm and sunny. I’ve been wanting a yellow pen for a while, and it would be perfect. Might get me to stop being so miserly about spending more than $30 on a pen, too… (severely limited budget and all that)

  • Gerald Taylor on Facebook


  • Lisa Miyako on Facebook

    I love these colors! Great idea, TWSBI!

  • matt

    I would go for the orange for sure.

  • Jean-Francois Audet on Facebook

    is it pronounced twisbi ?

  • KelliSaycheese

    I want all of them, but definitely the orange and the green. Please TWSBI, orange please!

  • inktronics blog

    Orange and blue. UTEP colors. :D

  • Maja

    Thanks for the info (and update), Dan! I applaud TWSBI for deciding to make the section the same colour as the cap and piston knob–I’ve always loved that design feature. As for colours, well, the orange does look awesome (esp. when placed next to the blue TWSBI, blue being the complementary colour of orange) but I’d be happy with any of them….

  • Kit

    Not a fan of the primary colors. It looks like very juvenile. I have to say I quite dislike the direction TWSBI is going in. None of the newer 580 offerings are very well designed, I’m not sure why they don’t hire an industrial designer to refine their offerings.

  • inktronics blog

    It looks like they are going the way of the Pilot Prera.

  • Lee Smallwood

    That orange is killer. I’d personally like to see them do a lineup of maybe 3 core colors and a color of the year.

  • ethernautrix

    I like the yellow and green — and probably won’t be able to resist if they are Minis, which these are not, which is cool, cos I don’t need any more pens. :-P

    • ethernautrix

      But I also like the blue, red, and orange. So… still don’t NEED them, though.

  • Lince

    The orange with black ink, a reverse Delta, like that color combo!

  • youstruckgold

    Sorry, for me they look a little low-end Pilot-ish. I just love my Sapphire Twsbi 540. More like that, less like these.

    • Esteban

      I second that, they look cheap-ish.

  • bluefeathers

    +1 on the juvenile primary colors; I normally like color, but combined with the thick silver ring at the end of the pen, which breaks it up, the overall effect is tacky imho. if the ring was flat or not there, maybe it would make a difference. favorite colors of those offered: green and red.

  • Peter57

    Color-wise… to each his own. Personally, I like the current offering with the splash of red on the cap. Instead of adding colors, I think TWSBI should work on setting the cap deeper on the barrel when posting. Then their near-perfect pen would be perfect.

    • Dustin_Brown

      I’m not sure if you know this, but TWSBI never intended the 530/540/580 to be posted. Speedy has mentioned it several times. Besides, the pen would have to be completely redesigned because the cap post on the piston knob and not on the barrel.

  • Isaac Yochelson

    The clear inner caps are one of the best features on twsbi pens, so covering them seems silly. I’d rather have an orange knob and section with a clear cap.

  • Michelle

    I think they’re cute and fun-looking! I prefer my clear demonstrator, but if they were available, I’d be hard pressed to pass up the blue, or red ones.

  • Waski_the_Squirrel

    These are very attractive. I like that they kept the demonstrator midsection while putting some color into the rest. I like green. I might prefer a slightly different green, but this is nice. Also the orange and the red are nice.

    I am a bit curious what they look like uncapped. Does the grip have the color or is it something else?

  • Mike Leeson

    I really like that green, very lively and different from almost anything I’ve seen elsewhere.
    I’d probably get one of the mustard yellow ones as well.

  • korinthian

    The red and yellow ones look nice.

  • Ben

    I can see the red and blue getting made, but not the orange, green or yellow.

  • darkstar

    Hopefully TWSBI will make these colors match their inkwells.

  • Scribe-not

    So… the Blue will most certainly be considered for “the ink whose name must never be uttered”.