Professor Tarquin Danglebury visits FPGeeks and answers the fountain pen community’s most pressing questions. Join us for a live recording today!

Live Broadcast: Thursday, July 18th, 2013, at 11 am Pacific

Watch Here:
We’ll be streaming live with the help of YouTube and Google. As the broadcast hour draws near, the image below will be replaced with the video stream and a chat area.
The broadcast will begin promptly at the top of the hour – you may need to refresh your screen.

Have a question for Professor Danglebury? Let us know! You can:

  • Submit your question in the comments section below.
  • Send an email to
  • Write directly to:

Professor Danglebury
c/o Fountain Pen Geeks
PO Box 499
Highland, CA 92346

We’ll present as many questions as possible directly to Professor Tarquin Danglebury.

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  • Cryptowolf

    Thank you, good sir. I will return to using my Pelikan M300 secure in pen-hood. ;-)

    I look forward to the next edition of the Penology English Dictionary.

  • Gon Zo on Facebook

    Pink ink rules!

  • AndyT

    Jolly good. Once again the Professor demonstrated his mastery of the single entendre.

    A question. From time to time one comes across heated debates between aficionados as to the propriety of inking pristine vintage pens, removing original price stickers, renovating old pens which have acquired a “patina” and so forth. What are the Professor’s views on this contentious issue?

  • Don

    Only one thing to say: LOL

    • Maja

      +1 (and thank you for replying to my question, Professor :)

      • sbrebrown

        The Professor lets me know it was his pleasure. He found it a particularly pressing question, he said.

        • Maja

          Ah ok. Thank you for conveying his thanks, Stephen :)