The gentleman featured in this week’s Daily Carry has a set of pens that make for an astounding collection, let alone just as daily carry pens. It makes you wonder what he’s hiding in his actual collection! “El Esquire”, as we’ll refer him, did send us a very special pen to review which will make its appearance very soon. For now, lets take a look at El Esquire’s Daily Carry and how he uses them.

From here on out, all the text is directly from El Esquire.

Daily Carry

Daily Carry (from left to right)

Lamy 2000, 0.3 mm nib ground by Greg Minuskin – Filled with Rohrer & Klinger, Blau-Schwarz LE. My very first fountain pen paired with my favorite blue-black. Greg’s grind transformed this pen into what I imagine EF nibs should be like.

Edison Custom Extended Pearl, Purple Web Celluloid, steel 0.7 mm stub ground by Brian Gray – Filled with Parker Penman Sapphire. My first custom made pen. The fit and finish of Brian’s pens make them a real pleasure to use.

Stipula Twister, 14k M nib – Filled with De Atramentis Giuseppe Verdi. If I didn’t know any better I’d say this was inspired by vintage cable twist designs. Very cool how the resin becomes gradually more clear and the engraved spiral becomes sharper and deeper as it approaches the top of the cap. Even the clip’s finish shifts from rough at the bottom and smooth at the top. The power/vacuum filling system’s aesthetic also fits the pen well.

Shawn Newton custom in Burning Sunset poly resin, 0.6 mm stub ground by Shawn Newton – Filled with Diamine Ochre. An awesome pen and an awesome nib from an awesome pen maker. Has he been canonized yet for all the fountain pens he’s made for his students and setting up a scholarship funded by a portion of his pen sales?

Sheaffer PFM I, Palladium Silver F nib – Filled with Montblanc Hitchcock Red. My one successful attempt so far to purchase a pen from Richard Binder’s monthly tray. The nib certainly lives up to his stellar reputation. The snorkel filling system is also tied for the coolest filling system ever.

Wahl-Eversharp Skyline in Carbon Fiber, F to M ceramic coated semi-flex black steel nib – Filled with J. Herbin Cacao du Bresil. An unapologetically modern take on a classic design and a real pleasure to write with. Here’s hoping the re-invigorated Wahl-Eversharp releases a carbon fiber Doric with an adjustable #10 nib.

Conway Stewart 58, Tiger Eye, 14k M Duro 58 nib – Filled with Akkerman #6 Binnenhof Blues. Fantastic pattern. Someone needs to reverse engineer this material.

Pelikan M800 Tortoise, 18k F stub ground by Greg Minuskin – Filled with Montblanc Toffee Brown. Second favorite Pelikan of all time, coupled with a nice smooth nib that still lets me write quickly.

Omas Milord Bronze Arco, 18k 0.6 mm stub ground by John Mottishaw – Filled with Rohrer & Klinger, Blau-Schwarz. The step between the section and barrel is not as comfortable as the last generation of Paragons and Milords. John’s incredible nib work has a way of making me forget about that though.

Bexley Owner’s Club 2006, 18k M nib – Filled with Pelikan Edelstein Topaz. This grey and blue Tibaldi celluloid is my favorite material. Paired with a vacumatic filling system? Irresistible.

Nakaya Decapod Twist in Ao-Tamenuri, 14k ruthenium plated 0.6 mm stub ground by John Mottishaw – Filled with De Atramentis Plum. Gracefully twisting/Ten warm urushi facets/For your hand only.

Conid Bulk Filler Flat Top, 18k rhodium plated 0.7 mm stub – Filled with Akkerman #5 Shocking Blue. This pen was engineered to be used and ties with the snorkel for the “coolest filling system” crown.

I carry my pens around in a Franklin-Christoph Penvelope Six and a Visconti Dreamtouch 6-pen case.

Daily Carry Nibs

Bexley Owner's Club 2006

Bexley Owner’s Club 2006

Bexley Owner's Club Filling System Revealed

Daily Carry Cases
I use my daily carry at work for note taking during countless meetings, friendly letter writing, and journaling. The Lamy 2000 has a permanent spot in my daily carry since it was my first fountain pen. I had a difficult time deciding whether to purchase it because I’d never considered owning a pen that cost more than five bucks before. I think it’s fair to say that my experience with it and getting to know more about the hobby through sites like FPGeeks helped change my outlook on writing tools dramatically for the better though.

The pleasure of note taking with a variety of fountain pens and inks helps keep me sane during long meetings. I have my own note-taking system that uses different colored inks, nib sizes, and stub grinds to visually differentiate between sections and sub-sections. For example, I prefer to use larger nibs and stubs for section headers and finer nibs for bullet points underneath. Using contrasting inks between sections also helps visually separate ideas, concepts, and follow-up items. I tend to stick with Rhodia dot pads and a Midori Travelers Journal for note taking and journaling.

For letter writing I prefer expressive nibs and inks with nice shading and hopefully some sheen to go along with it. I have a small stack of Tomoe River paper that I’m saving just for correspondence. I also enjoy switching inks when writing new journal entries.

I’m not too concerned about matching inks perfectly to the pen but some pairings just cry out, like the Pelikan M800 Tortoise with Montblanc Toffee Brown or the Nakaya Decapod Twist in Ao-Tamenuri with De Atramentis Plum, which is a very dark blue-green.

I have around 80 bottles of ink, many of them open thanks to a terrible habit of cycling through different colors pretty frequently although good majority of my pens will have some shade of blue or blue-black ink in them. I think I’m cursed with falling for inks that are either limited runs or simply no longer made. Fortunately I’ve never had SITB problems and use a few TWSBI inkwells to “decant” the inks.

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  • quinden

    Beautiful carry! My ao-tamenuri Decapod Twist says ‘Hello’ to yours :)

    • El Esquire

      Mine says aloha nui loa to yours!

  • Maja

    Wow—wonderful pens, great inks…and a haiku, too! Thanks for the write-up and photos, “El Esquire” :)

  • ethernautrix

    Beautiful Daily Carry pens! I like that El Esquire has pens from Brian Gray and Shawn Newton (me, too — well, my Shawn Newton is in the queue). And a Nakaya, too! Well done. :-)

  • bluefeathers

    Yay! Thank you for posting another daily carry!

  • JustDaveyB

    Lovely pens – Nice Penvelope Six, mine is similarly travel-worn,

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  • Brian Cole

    Isn’t it an Edison Morgan, not a Pearl?

    • El Esquire

      Good eye! It actually really is a pearl but with a flat barrel bottom. The top of the cap is still conical. I like the asymmetrical vintage Conklin designs and wanted to combine that with the clean outline of a Pearl. I was pleased with the result although I’m sure it’s not to everyone’s taste.

  • Will Platt

    Excellent and beautiful daily user pens!